A little bit of Sin Chapter 16.2

hey y’all

I had to really clear my plate this morning and I apologize on the hatred.

Um… some of you wanna know when i’m going back to Colin’s POV.

Some of you wanna know when Colin and Syn are gonna get back together.

I’m causing trouble so bear with me.

More back story and clues.

I like Grace too, but she can cut a man with her tongue. Gotta make sure I set up her man just right to cause her a lot of cutting and a lot of havoc.

hint hint: he’s in this book and that’s all I got to say about that.

Also, I’m about to introduce Taylor Bellini so get ready!



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3 thoughts on “A little bit of Sin Chapter 16.2

  1. I agree with Tori too from that last post… I think/hope/can prolly guess where you’re going with Grace’s story line… I think.. Wow.. I was kinds confused cuz at first it just sounded like Colin’s parents were just racists but then you talk about the cult they were in. That kinda threw me off cuz I didnt remember you saying that before but I DO know this is coming off the top of that crazy brilliant head you have. And I also agree with cinquetta cuz at first i didnt like this synthia character.. it was somethin a lil off about how she viewed herself. i did like how grace made her aware of her probs though.. i think everyone should have at least 1 friend that’s willing to tell you ALL your faults.. QUESTIONS: 1) does colin know that bernard visited the family and offered that money?2) are their grandparents still alive?3) does frank’s father have anything to do with colin’s grandparents’ money and land?** i have a feeling the answers to these questions are all story spoilers but i wanted to ask anyway!!!

  2. I am glad Syn is ok. But I think she just step into bobo. You gave us a hint on Grace story my guess it would be either Bernard or Jason. My guess is Jason and Grace are secretly seeing each other and no one just don’t know about it and they did have sex already…lol. Jason just lied to Syn about it. If Grace is going to get with Bernard I don’t think he can handle her personality. I think Jason can handle her better then anybody. He acts like he don’t take mess from no one including Grace.

  3. Yeah Syn really did think she was the shit. You only let a man go down on you and just jack him off a few times. You really think his gonna stay around when theres someone whos ready willing and able to give him what he needs. Syn booboo you was living in a bubble for real.

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