A little Bit of Sin – The Whole Chapter 13

We are really rolling in this.

I’m overly excited about the fact that you all are enjoying the story.

I’ve been reading the comments (online and offline) and I’m going to take the time to answer them maybe in my next post.

I’m going to introduce someone soon that old readers should be familiar with (as promised.)

For the new readers, you should know a little bit about Taylor Bellini.

She’s in other books. I think one or two and she’s not a very nice person. She’s good at her job as Eastern Hemisphere CEO of Bellini Enterprises – a real estate company run by a very powerful Hispanic American family out of Chicago.

Now for the old readers you’re probably trying to guess the time line in this story.

It’s actually right after Armando has come up missing but the whole family hasn’t become aware of it yet. (Read road to freedom to find out more about him).

And if you’re trying to figure out how I’m keeping up with that story (The Other Side of Love) I don’t know how i’m doing it.


Yeah, I need some medicine and I’m really starting to believe that old theory someone threw out about the migraines, but with me getting these stories out, i’m really getting over them much quicker.

BTw, my da da might come home soon. Monday or Tuesday. pray. pray pray!!



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7 thoughts on “A little Bit of Sin – The Whole Chapter 13

  1. Sylvia, you always have the coolest little widgets on your sites. I so love that reaction poll thing-a-ma-jig.As for this chapter, it’s smoking again. Colin is tickling my funny bone for sure right about now. He’s trying so hard not to fall for Syn…and it ain’t working. LOL!On the other hand, Syn is going full speed ahead. Not even stopping to think about her actions, just following her libido. The girl is SPRUNG! Tee-hee.Signing off now…don’t forget to answer that question I posed on the other chapter about that continuity issue (Syn having had sex with George or not).Toodles!

  2. see i was MIA. but while i was catching up i was voting and i was like why is no one voting then i read this post and like ppl voted like crazy.lol that really is a handy thing

  3. i just added the function as of this chapter. but i can see people are starting to read the past chaptes so that’s pretty cool.

  4. Right about now I don’t think Syn really cares. She’s not thinking that Colin had anything to do with her BFF getting killed. She is to blinded by the sex. He is feein for this man but when her eyes clear all hell is going to break loose and it’s going to cause mess between her and her brother.

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