A little bit of sin Chapter 14

WARNING (before you start yelling at me) This one is short and sweet.

O/T: What I’m doing right now… listening to P.M. Dawn “I’d Die Without You.” OMG! It just brings back memories and it’s so sweet. I’m also thinking about some things. and I think I’m going to write it out in my LABW blog soon so make sure you check on that every once in a while.

My lack of sex is driving me to bring Colin and Synthia together so much. There’s is so much sexual tension in this book that it’s going to drive me fricking crazy.

I went on Tyra Banks board and asked to go on a celebrity date with Michael Ealy. I’ve been having freaky dreams about him lately and I don’t know why.

Thought of another story about an hour ago and it’s not a very nice one either. It’s actually bad and then I told myself why can’t i apply it to this one instead of holding off on it.

I might so you’ll be mad at me, but I felt some people have to go through the bad in order to get to the good.

Btw, story spoiler right here so skip this paragraph if you don’t want to read it. Trisha’s sister will have her own story in case you want to know what’s next to come.

I’d also like to ask my readers out there, because my friends are differing on the subject: Is a 49 year old man too old for a 37 year old woman?


@ Sup: I think I need to go back and fix the story on that part she didn’t sleep with him. I think i need to specify that they hadn’t been sleeping together recently. I’ll probably take out the cow and milk metaphor.

thanks for catching that!

@ offline reader: no I do not outline the story in any kind of way. What you’re reading now is what is coming off my head. And I don’t know how i’m able to remember it so well and know what my characteres motivations and vices are so well. Right now, in my head and my world, Colin and Synthia are as real as you and me. I’m just a fly on the wall watching their world and relating it back to you. I don’t know how I do that. I just do and i guess i do something right because you like it so much. LOL.

@ C in Aussie: thanks liking the story.

@ reader in the yahoo group: wherever you read part of stealing innocence II: The Ravishment Free, I hate to tell you that you weren’t supposed to. I really don’t care that stealing innocence I is floating out there free anymore. It used to bother me. But I have seen some readers who purchased stealing innocence II: The ravishment from Lulu recently are giving it away in forums and from their own blogs. (Yes, gurl, I was insulted because y’all all know I got three kids to feed and as many times as i say share what you know about me, you know I don’t literally mean steal the food out of my kids mouth.) That’s how i feel when i see someone posting my story on other boards and then come here and say they are my biggest fan. (You know who you are. All the rest who are respectful to my creativity and make other readers actually purchase my work I appreciate you most fully! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) Getting back on subject to reader in yahoo group, I’m glad you enjoyed the partial story so much that you have come to me personally and asked me for a copy. But I cannot in good faith give that story out for free. That’s the point of it being a number two because i want you to read number one and crave number two so you’ll be dying for the the third. I’m sorry I can’t. I really can’t. Ask any one of my readers and they’ll tell you, i’m bout the nicest author out there who really wouldn’t care if I got paid or not to write a story, but this is my living and unfortunatley I do have to buy provisions and necessities for the kiddies (cuz the government says I do or I’ll go to jail.) My stories I sell lets’ me do that so unless you want to ship Jacque some socks, or get Zach a couple of new school shirts or Mag needs braces and new glasses, I must sell my work for a charge.

Thank you in advance for your understanding..

@bluegardnia and other new readers (we have ten extra permanent subscribers in the past two days and over fifty to 75 newbies visiting on a daily basis). Thank you for enjoying yourself. I hope I can make you come back for a lot more.



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  1. Didn’t know that scene was going to come so quick. This is going to cause problems with Syn and her brother. She is still going to go after Colin.

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