A Little Bit of Sin – Chapter 5.1

Good morning. I don’t like to speak about my personal stuff, but I should let you know I’m going through something.
My father is in the hospital in Pittsburgh. He’d gone there to help my uncle move out and ended getting carbon minoxide poison. He’s been in the ICU unconscious and we (the family) hopes he comes to.
So you ask how can I write a book while this family tragedy is happening.
At night I sit and think about the horribleness of losing my father. He’s been my alphamale all my life and I love him very much.
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9 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sin – Chapter 5.1

  1. Although I said this on your other blog, I truly am sorry to hear about your dad. He’s in my prayers.* * * As for this scene, it was definitely steamy. I have no idea how Syn’s life will be from here on out, but it looks like Colin will finally be able to fulfill his business goals now. At least that’s one positive thing coming out of all this before things hit the fan. I still wonder why Colin just didn’t ask his brother for the money. It would have been easier than trying to get a bank loan or having someone co-sign for him. But then again, sometimes it’s emotionally easier borrowing from strangers than relatives. You don’t have to look at them mean-mugging you at family reunions if you missed a payment or was late.

  2. @suprina: thanks for the compliment on the scene. i believe i did give reason as to why colin didn’t ask. Bernard’s using all his money for his ex-wife and all her expenses. prior to that, yeah, it most likely was harder and they do have “that past issue.”

  3. Oh okay, I must have missed that part about Bernard directing ALL of his $ to the ex-wife. I kinda thought he was filthy rich, able to help her and have plenty left over.Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. Sylvia my prayers go out to you and your family. I pray that your father makes a full recovery.I agree with everything that Suprina said and I understand the reasoning behind it. I just have a few questions for you Queen of Cliffhangers.Were their parents RACIST?Were they in a white supremacy group?Is that the reason Colin and Bernard have such different views?Is that the life that Bernard escaped and Colin did’t?Is Colin a closet Racist by default of all the lies he was told by his parents and the white Supremacy Group?

  5. Sylvia my prayers are with you and your family. Paula great minds think alike b/c i was about to ask Sylvia the same questions. Colin has alot of demons to fight within himself. I know i’m getting a head of the story but is the racist parents going to make an appearance or are they deceased.

  6. as with everyone else, you and your family are in my prayers. i hope everything turns out well. we’ve missed you and your stories

  7. T, see my newest< HREF="http://sylviahubbard.blogspot.com/2009/03/authors-note.html?showComment=1236745680000" REL="nofollow"> author’s note <>i just posted in response and for you and bam, thanks for your prayers. I need all I can get.

  8. I know I am late but I pray your father has pull through and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Great Post!

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