Disappearing Books

Some of you have noticed. Others haven’t.

Books on the lulu site are disappearing.

Slowly, but surely this is going to happen as I get picked up more.

Already missing is Tanner’s Devil.

Other books to come up missing will be:

Sex Weed
Sweet Reunion (renamed Secrets, Lies & Family Ties)
Diary of A…
Stealing Innocence
Stealing Innocence II
Stone’s Revenge
Sweet Justice
If I were your woman
Unfinished books

Emperor’s Addiction
Dark Facade

I’m working to make my books available in other formats than just .pdf. So by next month, I should have the books all in mobi (also the kindle version), and other formats as well.

With the revolution of more ebooks being able to be read on other devices, like phones and new ereaders than I want to make sure my content stays updated enough for more readers to experience your cliffhanger queen.

Wish me luck and thanks for your patience.

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