I want to know your blogs!

To support my readers, I would like to add a feature that allows me to add a widget to my blog to show others who come that you (as my reader have a blog.)

So if you have a blog and would love for it to be listed here. Please add it to the comments and i’ll post it on the new feature which you’ll see soon on the sidebar.


8 thoughts on “I want to know your blogs!

  1. I set up a blog but I don’t use it. But someday I will when I get a book deal. I am keeping hope alive and I continue to write and do my thing until the time comes.

  2. Sylvia,Are you ok? Am I missing something. I am worried about you. I have not seen a post and I read your “7 days to Get Over” and have to be concerned about my favorite writer……..You are strong and deserve the best and it is yet too come!!!!

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