Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 17

Yes, you’re getting the entire chapter again.

I was really out of it for the past weekend. It wasn’t just the holiday it was a mental stress break. If you guys have checked out my other blog yet at How to Love A Black Woman (www.loveablackwoman.blogspot.com) then you know about the 7 Days to Get Over Him

If you haven’t visited the blog lately, I invite you to catch up on everything.

I’ve been out of commission for a while and I appreciate you holding on and seeing what’s coming up next in this crazy mind of ours.

July (5)

Make sure you start at Day One to get into it and find out what’s going on to me. I haven’t posted Day 7 yet, but I’m going to soon.

I’m trying to build up to it because it’s going to be the last day I’m really allowed to feel like I’ve failed yet again.

You guys have been so patient with me this book and it’s one of my hardest ones to write. Thank you.

As for how “weak” Reese is. I should let you know that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Humans have a basic skill and that’s to survive and they will do whatever they have to do in a dangerous situation to do.

Reese knows Juanita is more vicious that what people see on the surface. She’s experienced it all her life and she’s only doing what she can to “survive.”

okay, without going any further, enjoy…

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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7 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 17

  1. wow. that was alot covered in one chapter. i wonder how reese will take juanita’s rants now. she is probably going ballistic!

  2. Em better get there fast because Juanita is going to beat the brakes off Reese. And that call ‘Nita’ made to the lawyer’s office was probably from Reese’s hidden cell phone that her mother found along with those scissors.In short, it’s on now. All I can say for Reese is that she needs to defend herself. Since that ain’t her real mother anyway, I probably would throw in a few extra blows for how she’d treated me over the years. As my mother used to say, ‘You getting this whipping for the old and the new’. lol.Thanks for the long post, Sylvia. Feel free to pour out any residual anger you feel at old boy (your ex) into the scene featuring Reese’s fight with Juanita. I wrote a whole book when I was divorce-court mad with my hubby once. lol. Still don’t know what I was so mad about back then. Got a good story out of it though. lol.Stay real.Suprina

  3. luv what u can do with words gal l juss wish l cld get my hands on nita and beat the living ligths out of er ,anyway keep em roling luved ur post on art of touch good piece

  4. wow oh wow. can she go ahead and marry emperor?? please? but i thought she was already old enuff to take what’s her’s since the birth certificate is fake! and how bout that dang old bellini always coming 2 help ppl out. that was too funny how he got juanita. he sounds very interesting have we met him before?? aaand another thing…where is that ass-kicking we are all looking for? i cant wait no longer… reese vs. juanita, emperor vs. lethal.. who’s gonnna come out champs?? lmao.

  5. I hope she goes on an get hitched quick because Nita’s gone whup her a new one. But could you let her get in a few good ones before it’s all over. I love Suprina’s saying about beat the brakes off her LOL Awesome post.

  6. I really have a feeling that reese and Em is going to get married. But I hope Juanita don’t kill her first. That lady is some kind of crazy. I wish I was a fly on the wall when the lawyer was telling her everything.

  7. OHMYGAWD I caught up with this story. DAMN! LIFE IS A BITCH!!!! Anywho, I think I miss something like what happen when Emperor meet Shadow at the club. Is Eartha dating someone and is she pregnant? Why Reese don’t hit that crazy heifer back. Especially when she knows Juanita is not her mother.

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