Chapter 37.3

this is the calm before the storm and you know i usually hide the clues in all stuff you’d least expect.

Eva D: I’m sorry bout all the lovey dovey stuff, but in order to give this girl a back bone, she’s gonna have to learn how to take control.

I’m using sex to kind of build her confidence up and then get her to think on her damn own.

Now I could start the killing now… well actually there is something going on now that they won’t find out until their in Canada.

Trust me, I’m planning and making things horrible, but I need time.

Sex gives me time to do some crap you won’t like.



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His Substitute Wife … My Sister Chapter 37.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

10 thoughts on “Chapter 37.3

  1. I just read the word “tent” and i couldnt stop laughing syl… LOL ..LOL..LOL…

  2. That’s right Charissa, take what you want..But I got a question, Why did Nevada get so nervous and asked if the alarm was set? What’s up with her? Please say she’s not in on something that could harm Charissa and Parker?

  3. I think that Nevada is scared of the big guy outside? But maybe i am wrong lol. Oh how i would luv to ravage parker as well lol. In my dreams great post Sylvia.

  4. I agree, great post. I am anxiously waiting for the next one. I really wish that it could be happily ever after for them and nothing bad would happen, but, of course, it wouldn’t be Sylvia if it all turned out happily everafter.

  5. Good for Charisse. If Parker won’t give it up, then take it from him. That’ll teach him! At least they will have a little fun before all hell breaks loose.

  6. (RQ): what happens in Canada?(AR): something. keep readingI liked the word tent too. chuckle chuckle.Umm, guys, do you know how much work it takes to make something up you haven’t expected yet?If I could wave a magic wand and make it appear I would. But I can’t so whatever I come up with, comes on paper. I’m going as fast as possible to close the doors I openend and I opened a crap load of doors.

  7. Don’t waste a good thing like a “tent”. HeHe. Parker right now is very sex starved, poor man. Some action is about to occur to make up for the starving.

  8. Great Post. Poor Parker. He is so sex straved he don’t know what to do with his self. That was to funny. Nevada has finally met her match and I love the connection Sylvia. I guess everyone still hasn’t figure out who you are going to pair Nevada with and I love how she reacted to the BIG MAN! They will make a good couple and she is already afraid of him…lol I just love it!!!

  9. If someone as knowledgable as Nevada can get spooked at an aroused Parker, I’m wondering exactly how big is Parker…I mean…damn…she was shocked enough to ask BEFORE she began to eat her gigantic sub…hmm…uh… Sylvia…do you know how to draw as well as you write? Can you give me a sketch…a composit…a lil sumthin sumthin…teehee!

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