Chapter 37.2

Good Morning…

(RQ)reader’s question: is the bad coming?

(AR) Author’s Response: Yep

(RQ): she needs to trust Parker

(AR): Yep

(RQ): Will something bad happen to Chyna?

(AR): Yep

(RQ): Will something bad happen to Charisse?

(AR): Yep

(RQ): Will something bad happen to Cheyenne and Joanie?

(AR): Yep



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His Substitute Wife.. .My Sister Chapter 37.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

10 thoughts on “Chapter 37.2

  1. I only read your comments and dont even want to read the post! I dont believe this, but you are about to do some crazy *&^%.. Sylvia, I hope when you say Parker and Charisse, you dont mean kill, just hospital, 1 week max, if any at all!You know i gat to read this post!

  2. the bliss and perfectness of their relationship is kind of killin me… i think you’ve got us so used to chaos happening that a plain regular lovey dovey couple is just disgusting now!! i can’t believe im sayin this but bring on the drama! or maybe im just jealous cuz i dont hav a man like parker! well it doesnt matter jus do somethin please!!! (to the other readers… dont hate me if she decides to do somethin worse to them because of me!)

  3. Awwww, ain’t that sweet. Ok enough of that. I agree with some of the other readers. Something bad is gonna happen. I am dreading the next few posts. Dont be too violent Sylvia please.

  4. WHAT?! what is this i read? are we all so well trained that we know Syl’s next move? ok yea the drama is coming but yall gonna be sorry you asked for it. besides we never really truely know whats up this lady’s sleeve 😀question: is it time to put up the warning sign for those with a weak heart condition? 😀 ah tuesdays

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