My Brain Hurts… Joyfully Reviewed!!

First off, I want to discuss my brain doing over drive yesterday…

In essence, a story is still a story which by definition is a lie.

I don’t think of myself as a liar though and in reality I’m so honest with myself and the people around, I have very little close friends who want to be around me for very long.

Yet, as I write whatever my imagination may conjure, I know I have to have justifications to make the story that I’ve weaved believable.

Hence, the details of the lie which must stick like crazy glue to a fake nail.

Othewise your whole premises of story will fail.

This is the critical time when the author now drives home that this isn’t a story any more. This is real and it really has happened.

Or this the time when the reader just says, WTF! And is let down from here on out at the silliness of the whole premise.

We’ve just passed that point. (There’s still a little more to go).

And with succession, I guess I’ve achieved. Of course that’s based on all the comments you’ve left overnight that I haven’t answered, LOL.

So with all of that I’ve said, my brain is hurting a bit much, because I had to use extra brain cells in order to keep up with everything.

Hence, once I got home from work, I slept for five hours straight, woke up with a migraine and then took two 800 moltrins in a four hour time and then fell right back to sleep and then woke up an hour late and almost missed my bus.

See what a little mental power can do to a person. Which is why a lot of people don’t use it because then everyone would be sleeping all the time, LOL.

Today is a good day. No migraines. (I took another 800 moltrin this morning and in about two hours I’m grabbing some Excedrin to keep the pressure away and get me some artificial caffine.)

Need a Vernors. My stomach doesn’t feel well. Probably from all those moltrins, but please don’t suggest ginger tea. I don’t care what you add it’s like the ginger sucks the sweetness away. I tried honey, sugar even splenda.


Today, I’m listening to Prince 3121 and Tank and India.Aire, plus a little of Stevie Wonder.

Joyfully Reviewed…

Received an email yesterday that they reviewed my book Tanner’s Devil.


I was shocked amazed and honored.

That’s personally one of my favorites and I know what she meant at the end that it wasn’t edited good at the end. And that’s my fault. I never uploaded the last part so I’ll get to that soon.

Check out the review at:

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