Chapter 23.4

yeah, this is a long chapter but I really didn’t feel like going to chapter 24 yet. crazy crazy



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His Substitute Wife… My Sister .Chapter 23.4 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Chapter 23.4

  1. Okay that was good I told you that boy was looking you got everybody changing clothes around there must be HOT! I hope you will be able to write more I needs more. I wouldn’t mind some licking, kissing touching etc.

  2. Man that was a great post. He had to change as well, i never seen that coming. lol Always a great post with you Sylvia, have a good day.

  3. He so nasty for watching her undress! 🙂 I thought for sure he would steal them draws!

  4. omg parker is lil peepin tom!! thats crazy give the man some sex syl!! u see we goin bonkers (cough cough) I mean HE’S goin bonkers!! does he even realize WHY she changed her underwear?? if only he knew……

  5. I love it…………………Please give me more, I need more. Give me my CRACK JUICE for the day!!!!!!!

  6. The sexual tention between them two are HOT! I be glad when they hurry up and do it. I know when it happens it will be explosive! Parker is so ready to finally get out all that is held back that Chyna not giving him. They may do a marathon wants they do have sex. I could just imagine.

  7. no comment. just reading. i like what i reading. good job doesnt even discribe what you put out. give me two week and i will donate hold me too it. 2 weekslilo

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