Author’s Notes & responses for 01/31/08

Bertille: thanks for the support and yes, I’ll still keep throwing my back into it too. LOL.
cinquetta: we i decided to put the amount of how much she lost, I try to be as realistic as possible. i read a story once that a woman won ten million and she was filing bankruptcy in less than five years, so yes it’s possible to spend that amount of money in even less than five years.

Charisse was ten when the incident happen.

tori: thanks for catching up and feeling special. and was that a pun on words that Charisse out “shined” Chyna? rofLMAO

I’m loving the attention that i’m getting in the story and for my facebook readers welcome too.

busy with the story and nothing else and for that i should whoop myself but i’m getting into a rut and just don’t want to concentrate on anything else but the story.

so i’ll post soon because i picked up a johanna lindsey three days ago and it got good at two this morning and i didn’t write a thing for the story.
sleep but here.

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Sylvia Hubbard

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