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Nice of you to join us, Tia.

Welcome new commentor Ms. Vishouz. ‘bomb head game’; that was funny. You guys need to check out her blog where she wrote to her 13yr old self. It was really interesting.

I added a categories at the end of the sidebar on the blog. It just started about five months ago and I’m slowly catching up to all the stuff that’s on this blog because if you go through the archieve you’ll be there all day.

Author’s Note: Actually Charisse wasn’t going to slap Chyna right then, but I went back and added it because that’s how fricking mad I was with Chyna. She’s getting on my damn nerves and I’m bout ready to put a bullet in her eyes.

Cinquetta: I don’t believe Onyx’s love interest makes any guest appearance in any of the Stealing Innocence series. I think he’s only had one speaking part in all my books but I don’t even think that was first hand. No more hints though cause that would spoil the build up. Although, one more thing: He’s not white, but I was thinking of making Lethal’s interracial because i haven’t had an I/R in the Stealing Innocence series. Of course that’s going to be the last book in that series and I’m pretty excited about it. If I don’t get that publishing contract soon, I’m going to just sit it out for you guys to get because I’m pretty tired of waiting.

(If you don’t know about Lethal Heart, who’s Onyx’s brother, then you’ll have to start at the stealing innocence series.)

Umm, that’s about it. Have a good day.

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Praying for strength and support to KK and family. He know who he is.

And a shout out to my rugrats, Maggie, Jackpot and Big Z.

‘Nough being silly. Listening to my Zune and enjoying myself. Getting ready to get into my writing grove, so enjoy.

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