Chapter 21.3

Carmel: TMI!!!! LMAO!

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 21.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Chapter 21.3

  1. Thats right Charisse! Chyna has held far too much control over you. I bet that slap reminded her that even tho she is miserable and dissatisfied with life at that point, she is still a woman.Kudos to Charisse for the bomb head game. Parker didn’t know if he was coming or going…no pun intended. Maybe just a little.

  2. Lol, Vishouz. Too funny. Great chapter on that slapping thing, Sylvia. Charisse needed to start defending herself against her sisters. I just hope she grows even more a backbone. I truly, truly don’t want a repeat of the heroine in the last story. She (can’t think of her name right now) was a straight sucker for her kinfolk and it almost cost her the baby she was carrying by her dying husband.Suprina

  3. That’s what I’m talking about, after that slap. Charisse should have say, “bitch where’s my money!” Either Parker is horny’ or she a pro. You did not have to tell her to swollow. Go Jarlean look out for your friend. I thought Jarlean knew about the deal between Chyne and Charisse after the baby is born. Chyne is going to allow Charisse to kill herself. For a minute I thought Jarlean knew about the deal. My vote is to kill off Chyne and Cheyenne in a very twist horrorable death.

  4. I forgot to ask about Oynx love interest. I need another hint is this interracial or africa american romance. Which book he appear. I know he was support characters. Just a guest was he in STEALING INNOCENCE III.

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