Author’s Notes on the story for 01/25/08

These responses are from the comments left in Chapter 17. Boy you guys had a lot to say. I usually have been responding in the comments, but I thought i’d shot this over.

And yes, my Internet is up at my home without the filter. I went to Family Dollar and got a two and one adapter for the phone just to see if it worked. It did but I’m still going to put that filter on order if my supervisor doesn’t call me today and let me know if he has an extra two and one filter.

Working on the house today trying to get some ofthese boxes emptied. The back of the house is good, but the front is filled with boxes of books, papers and so forth.

I found a lot of unfinished stories and i’m soo interested in just sittingin the pile and reading what my brain came up with ten years ago.

BTW, I’m enjoying the visitors from all over the world. Waving a Detroit hello. Boy oh boy, you guys have got to read the notes from the Mayor to his Mistress here. It’s all over the news and such. I added some to my Facebook page, but whew, they got down and dirty and it was soo good. I think I’m going to write a story about that!!!

Anyhoo, here’s the responses to the comments.


Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard


Suprina: Gawd, I love my twisted imagination although it does keep me from sleeping sometime.

anonymous:(the wanderer) you asked how do i create my work from the top of my head. Well, instead of writing things down, I think of an idea. and let it simmer. in my head i would say I have drawers of things. things for one story can’t go into another drawer that contains sequels or families. Standalone stories have their own drawers to which i know i’m bound to put or pull something out of them to connect them to other drawers. Each story is of interest to me but i dont’ sit on it a week. in all of this the manner in which you say takes you weeks takes me only hours and it’s not just the keyboard that gets the dedication. I’ve let my fingers bleed onto the paper getting the story out of my head. Because it must come out. it must not stay or I will eventually … go crazy … hence as one fan reader says: the severe migraines that hit me like a ton of bricks. Your next inquiry is: how do i not create a false start? Because the story was there to begin with in my head and it is playing as we speak. I only write what I see. My brain does not false start. it only creates another new story, but the other story still has to go on because that original start belongs where it belongs and i must (as i said before) finish the tale to be told. I don’t do ideas of a story, i just do a story. I don’t outline it; i may make notes so I don’t forget my red herrings or who i want to be the killer or how i want the story to play out, but in essence my characters come to life in my own mind and they tell me how the story is to begin, play out and end. And the fun for me is making sure I tell it to the reader correctly. Now I may sound half past crazy or one beer short of a six pack, but my readers like it and i have fun and to me that’s all that matters. Glad you could be curious.

Paula: Yeah, I’m kinda liking Chyna but she has meaning to her madness.

Ashwini: I think there’s a little bit of Darvocets and a lot of tylenols and maybe all the sugar I put in my tea and coffee from yesterday that’s still in my system. I got up and before i even emptied my bladder I grabbed a pen, flipped over a pizza coupon and started writing about charisse and Parker. that’s sick isn’t it?

Cinquetta: I love your insights on the story. WOWWWWWEEEEEE!!! that was deep. I was reading it and I was like wow, this really is a good story. I’m wondering how it’s all going to play out. LOL. And yes, the sex is coming. Getting mentally juiced up as we speak

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