Chapter 17… going to extremes? Crazy Sense..

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 17 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Chapter 17… going to extremes? Crazy Sense..

  1. what can i say?i like to reach far left field.i think this was pulled from out of bounds, so does that count?i figured if i can’t make up with Parker being such an average sized man i might as well make a fantasy come true on other parts of his body.LOLNow as for what Charisse will attempt to do to him, I’m still working out the logistics in my’s going to be a fun ride. glad you stuck around.

  2. oh and sorry for the typos. I went through it while i was going home and I’m making some corrections and a little bit of add ons so the downloaded version will have that.

  3. This is going to be interesting. 🙂 I hope he decides he wants more (if she decides to do it)…-hint hint- lol

  4. Sylvia, what a twist. Never would have thought of that one (Chyna sanctioning the infidelity with her own sister). My head is still spinning from it. I don’t know whether to pat you on the back or look at you with raised brows on account of that ‘twisted’ imagination of yours. lol.Suprina

  5. Hello,I just wandered by this website and I wonder how you create your work. The question comes from a tag you wrote; “Read it as it comes out of my head”, or something like that. I have written some fiction and I find that I have to coneive of an idea, outline it, and then step away from it for at least a few weeks. I then return to it to see if it still interests me, if I think it is worthy of my finger movement upon a keyboard. If I were to just start in one something cold I would have an awful lot of false starts. Just curious.

  6. WOW!Only Chyna will come up with something like this. I am hooked. I can’t wait to see what will happen with Charisse and Parker.

  7. Okay I am getting a funny feeling about this story. Parker is pissing me off. What kind of man wants a child but don’t take care of his family…meaning his nephew. Thank you for point out that we have forgot about Parker’s brother child. How many years did that heifer recieved. Where is Parker nephew? Why maternal grandparent(s) did not get the child.If Chyna have that problem for over five years. There no way she could have sex with Parker without pain darvocet could not help. His penis is abnormal large…NO. I forgot the name of the condition. You could not mastabute, sit down quickly, or have sex….NOWAY!What the vibe I getting about the father either he was a wimp, schizophrenia, or both. And on top of that a child molester. (maybe)Let’s not forget mommy dearest..whoa! Parker need to go get his nephew…NOW! How could Jaelen has not ask Parker WHY he does not have his nephew. BTW what is nephew name and his age? SEX! YEAH! SOON! HOPE! Parker & Charisse!

  8. That was crazy and how do you come up with something like that. Now I feel bad for Chyna because she can’t enjoy sex. But she want her sister to be his mistress because she doesn’t want her twin to have him. That is crazy! But great post!

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