Chapter 11

Good morning.

Yes, I’m early again, but don’t get into the habit, LOL.

I think because I’m fasting that for some reason I’m a bit more alert that what I usually am when I’m eating all the time.

We’ve (my church – Fountain of Life C.O.G.I.C.) has been fasting since the beginning of the year. Now we’re doing no eating from midnight to 3pm, pray 3 times a day and read the bible three times a day. After 3pm we can only eat vegetables – nothing fried. (which is a shame you have to tell black folks that.) I’m doing pretty good and I’m really proud of myself for my control.

Last night the kids ate Popeyes and I even treated my beau to a great fish dinner at this place called Bosco’s. It’s a you buy you fry thing. Anyhoo, I didn’t even have the urge to eat anything off their plates which i am prone to do.

Instead, steamed some spinach, broccolli, mushrooms, and cabbage with light salt and pepper sprinkled over them.

It filled me up like a real meal, which I was surprised or hungry I didn’t know the difference. LOL.

off topic totally: I just found a mole on the back of my hand at the ase of my middle finger. I’ve had moles since I was little all over my body in different odd places, but since I turned 30, I hadn’t seen any new ones until today. I guess with my acne resurfacing in full force in the last couple of months and my limbido has kicked up a notch. I’ve been looking for the hot flashes to come any day now.

okay, enough about me.



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His Substitute Wife …. My Sister Chapter 11 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

…. and if you haven’t commented yet, please do so now. Let’s do a shout out with the top news story in your city. I’ll go first.

Hey, I’m Sylvia from Detroit and the top news story is about the 911 operator who disregarded this child calling in because his mother was dying and didn’t send an ambulance to help him and told him to stop playing on the phone. The sad part about it is that I know the woman (Sharon McNichols) and she was about the nicest woman I know and wasn’t a slacker at her job. as to why she treated this child so rude I couldn’t explain and would make an awful character witness.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. Hey Sylvia…I think your daily escapades are a stories enuff for one person!! You are absolutely hilarious!!! I always thought my life was entertaining!

  2. HEY SYLVIA, You know me I am Carmel Beauty the top story here is the bad weather that was suppose to come, but really didn’t. Too bad for me cause I was hoping for a day off from work. Ha Ha

  3. I’ve been keeping up with the story so far. Just haven’t gotten around to posting a comment. What can I say, I’m never disappointed with your stories and this one is no different. I’ll be glad when Chyna and Cheyenne get their comeuppance.

  4. Well I am thankful that finally Britney Spears is not the topic if our news tody so today’s news here in Richmond, Va is the weather. It did snow today and turn ino sleet. So that was our top story and great post. Maybe Chyna do have a heeart after all and I was shock that Charisse killed her father. I wonder what happen.

  5. Come on and out with it. Why did Charise kill her own father????Just to remind you that I have not yet received the copy of Maniac Neighbour. I know you are busy but can’t help not mentioning

  6. Hey Sylvia, the top news story for me today is I participated in a MLK walk today in 12 degree temps. Talk about trying to keep the dream alive!

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