Chapter 10.3

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Okay, I wasn’t going to post another one, but I wanted to just respond to some things offline and since I’d finish up chapter 10 I decided to just go ahead and give it to you.

1. Eva guessed first, but thanks for everyone playing. Eva, ya gotta tell me which e-book you want and don’t name a work in progress, LOL. (respond below)

2. Thanks for the new readers and the donations for my literary endeavors. I need all I can get.

3. Julia B in Redford, MI: I tried to email you your e-book for your generous donation, but the email came right back to me, so you should be receiving a package in about a week and a half. I made it a really really slow delivery because that was the cheapest option and I’m just eager to get everything off my desk.

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5. …. can’t think of it right now and I know it was one more thing.

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 10.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

8 thoughts on “Chapter 10.3

  1. DECEPTIVE NIGHTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! or if u ever find dark facade (hehehehe) i would loooove that one!! THANK YA!!!!

  2. oh my i am sooo heartbroken… i will not be able to go on…. unless u give me an update on dark facade!!!!!!!!!! but i do love how you bring back the old characters its like the brothers movie only better lol. hav u ever thought about having a reunion novel?? nothin big.. somethin short to bring old characters back 2gether…

  3. Another missed contest?! Dang! I’m missing out on everything. It’s these crazy hours I’ve been keeping lately. Last year of school and all the extra studying that I’m having to do. Plus, it’s tax-time, writing stuff, etc…Anyhoo…I’ll try to log on sooner in the day from now on. What time do you usually post, Sylvia?Suprina

  4. I am hooked unto this book it’s soo bad! I remember Jaelen being mean…but DAMMMNNN!!! Has that meaness grown? I think he takes pride in being like that!

  5. Ronalda I agree with you! Unfortunately I got jammed at work and now I’m playing catch-up. But Ooooo, it’s getting deep!

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