Sex Weed – Chapter 41

You know with big brother now watching us, postign has become a difficulty and they’ve kept me especially busy today. grrrrr. Ican’t wait til someone buys a million of my books so I can tell this job to get away from me.

I forgot to mention in that last thing and one reader brought it up about Fat’s nephew. He’s an old character. He can be found in Dreams of Reality.

Blaque Heart story is in Teach Me to Love and her beef with Onyx is explained a little.

Now I’m trying to get out about the beef with Lethal and King, which everyone wants to know about.



This is a Work in Progress at :


SEx Weed – Chapter 41 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Note to readers: Can you guess who the little brother is? (Clue: short story that’s my best seller).

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3 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 41

  1. Are you setting us up for another book. I want to know all about the beef as well. Great Post. I am ready for Melissa to be free. Tori

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