Sex Weed Chapter 40.2

I’ll tell you now, there’s no cliffhanger today. I think next week this baby should be done. Just been under a lot of things and with my meet and greet tomorrow, I should be able to finish up this baby.

Anyhoo, before you read, please note Three books you probably need to get a back story from if you want to know anything more about the characters:

Del Heart is mentioned and he’s from Tanner’s Devil

Mandingo Heart is from Sin’s Iniquity

And of course if you want to know the background on Montgomery, Jode and Stephen, you have to check out, Red Heart.

all of these books are at:


This is a Work in Progress at :
(Lethal and of course my super crazy monster of a bad man King Heart is mentioned but they make no appearance although we all know why King Heart won’t come to Detroit.)

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5 thoughts on “Sex Weed Chapter 40.2

  1. Yay i knew it was Mandigo. It would be cool to find out more indepth about this character. Couldnt find the posts anymore as i had it saved in my address book and the last posted stated august 6, but i found it yay. I am so happy now, i was getting reader’s withdrawl lol. Great Post Sylvia. Deja

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