Sex Weed – Chapter 33

I’ve been trying to get through the Harry Potter book. DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME!!!

I’m on the part where they are at the Malfoy house and I almost stood up on the bus today and screamed, “SOMEONE’S GOTTA HELP HARRY POTTER!!!” Yes, I know I would have been looked at strange, but I get a kick out of being a reader so much and I miss that when I write.

True, I feel my characters and as I write action scenes I’m in there with them sweating and panting and fighting, but I never get that thrill that readers get as they journey along with my characters, because even though I’m writing one scene I’m still trying to figure out how the hell am I going to get them out all this muck I’ve put them in.

Anyhoo, someone asked offline: When do you write Sylvia? I checked your website and saw you do a lot of stuff. A lot! Plus you’re a mother with three little ones. I have one girl and going to school right now plus working full time and I’m a faithful reader of yours and I’m amazed at the stuff I read everyday from you. So when do you write?

Answer: All the durn time. Even as I sit here posting this blog, in the back of my mind I’m trying to figure out how to help Melissa try to save Penelope and how to get Reed off her ass. And if I do try to kill Reed will it be Melissa killing him or someoen else? Should I employ the Heart family? Lethal would really boggle the hell out of Melissa about now, or should Dyson handle Reed. I think in then end Reed and Dyson are going to have a face off and if I should jeopardize Melissa’s life so much that she could lose the baby she’s carrying. But it”ll serve her right for what she’s got to do… oh i’m telling to much.

Okay let me shut up before i just lay it out right now. You’d like that wouldn’t ya!

I write all the time!



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Sex Weed – Chapter 33 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Very good chapter. I hope all goes well without any confusion. Tori

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