Sin’s Inquity – Chapter 45

Hi DSL (u know who you are) : I’m going to be rude and answer your questions online because you asked a lot of the questions I’ve gotten from others.

Why don’t you do traditional publishing?

I had tried traditional publishers , but I received the following disinterested replies to my queries:

“Too Many Characters in a story”
“Too erotic”
“Too many subplots and the reader could get lost.”

These frustrating replies were the reason why I threw Stealing innocence up on the web for free back in 2002. (Since then I’m recording over 100,000 downloads before I pulled it off.) And that is the reason why I do this now. If they (traditional publishers) don’t like me, I know the readers like me, so I give it to you. Make noise. Scream and hollar. Demand they sign me or you’ll never pick up another one of their books, LOL. (I know that won’t happen, but that’d be cool). I know I may have too many characters, but would Stealing Innocence be as good as it was without Lethal and Onyx mixing it up? Or would Tanner’s Devil be good if I took Richard out the story? NO! I think I challenge the readers and I try to give you characters that you will remember and not have to flip back pages (except Detective Barry Johnson, which I’m surprised people forgot about.)
Do you plan on re-releasing any of your novels.

If I sign with a large publisher, most likely this site along with my lulu site will disappear while all these books will be through a top-notch editor, picked apart and then re-released. I will of course fight for everything and I know Harlequin won’t even touch Mistaken Identity unless I pull out the last scene in the book, but you know I won’t let that go, LOL.

The Hearts of Detroit? Are they going to make guest appearances in your other stories? (You know us readers love cameos)

In case you’re reading this and don’t know the Hearts of Detroit books, they are:

Silent Lynx (Lynx Heart)
Baby Doll (Sheriff Heart – younger brother to King – actually)
Red Heart (youngest half-brother of King)
Cabin Fever (Prince Heart – few months older than Red, and full younger brother of King – their father was a rolling stone.)

Sheriff is making an appearance in Drawing the Line and Emporer’s Addicition.
Red is making an appearance in Emporer’s Heart
Lynx will be making an appearance in the continuation book to Silent Lynx along with Sheriff, Red and Prince.

What site did you create to make yourself feel better you never said on the blog.

DSL, hurry up and answer that question I just sent you.

Okay, I’m going to do just a little bit more. JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE!!!

and then we’ll wait for tomorrow to see how the rest plays out. Getting sleepy for some reason and I’m going to sleep on this baby…



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 45 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Yes, this is my last post of the day and no it doesn’t matter how much you beg I’m not putting anything else up until tomorrow.

But I love you.

Your Author, Sylvia

11 thoughts on “Sin’s Inquity – Chapter 45

  1. Ok know you wrong, but thats ok.Why the cold look from Aries? Did Dwight lie about his kids wanting to meet her?As for the rest..I’ll just sit back with my popcorn and watch the show:-)P.S…still al little confused. I’m sure you said already, but who is Annell’s father again?Ljay

  2. I forgot to ask…did Annell know that Sinclaire was not her sister? Because if not, then she was being shitty like her mother to who she thought was her twin would be really f**ked.

  3. Had to try this again. Did Annell know that Sinclaire wasn’t her sister?If not then she was treating who she thought was her twin real shitty just like her mother did, but for no good reason other than to be mean would be really f**ked up.Ljay

  4. Ljay: if you saw someone kissing on your father would you give them a warm look? Dwight was on the phone when Sinclaire went into the bathroom so he could have been speaking to his children and they could have said that. never said who Annelle’s father is but {story spoiler} it is Gideon.

  5. …. but (after re-reading the question again) Annelle did not know and she is shitty. When did I make Annelle a nice person?

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….why do you make me suffer so, lol. Oh snap I think someone then lit those fireworks and any second now they are about to explode…I wonder who’s gonna speak first. LOL.

  7. Oh Sylvia, that is just so wrong…I know you love cliffhangers but COME ON!!!

  8. Ok, let me guess how this is going to be played out. Dwight had married Amanda and Sinclaire is her child from before which she had hid from Dwight. She is made to leave Dwight by Mel who then takes her place. Annelle is Mel’s child with Gideon. Mel wants revenge from Dwight and joiones up with Jackson. Am I right so far? So then that leaves the question of who is Sincliare’s father- arrgghhh… Aran

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