Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 45.2

Okay, fine!!!

Since I’ve gotten a very frustrating offloop message from a reader who begged for one more post or deliver her first born child to me, I’ll hit you with the last part of chapter 45. cause I don’t need no mo’chillin’

I even got a message with airline times of flights into Detroit from Texas and she said “don’t make me use my credit card.” which I thought were hilarious.

Don’t you dare bother me anymore. …



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 45.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 45.2

  1. Thanks for that Sylvia!!See I hate it when people dont listen to reason. Lethal and Onyx sat and told him why he needed to stay away. Now look! Did he think they said that crap for no reason?And oh yeah…you really need to have SOMEONE give Mel another beat down and that Annell too. She got some damn nerve with her comments. She’s screwing her soon-to-be stepfather all over the place.And Mel is conspiring with Jackson to rip Dwight off of all his money! That bitch is some piece of work. He was never her man to begin with! Again…she needs her ass kicked right good and proper!OMG!! Sylvia girl… really got MAD skills.Ljay

  2. oh u really gud u know that,u are killing i can’t wait for more,that was gud,i don’t think i can wait for,i hope people are goin to find them i hope they are ok,please say they are

  3. You are wrong for THAT, Sylvia CliffHanger…but I forgive ya! lol.Suprina

  4. LOL…ok Sylvia you NEVER said she was nice, but I guess I was hoping she had a speck of decency and loyalty to her “womb-mate” somewhere in that place her heart is supposed to be.Ljay

  5. Oh how cruel was that….giving us more only to make us go crazy and beg for more, lol. I agree with the others….damn, that update tomorrow better be really long. LOL.

  6. WHAT THE FUCK!!! excuse my french…but damn…that was cold. That’s what I like about you Sylvia you are not afraid too kill someone off. You are dangerous with a keybroad. Mel is baddest B.I.T.C.H (baddest insensitive twix causing havoc). Who got shot? Was it Sinclaire? Dwight? or both? My hats off to you. Stay strong and you are in my prays.

  7. I checked late after leaving work and didn’t think there was going to be another post so i was surprised when i saw one i was thinking good i get more story now I am just devestated please don’t let her lose the baby the asst dying is one thing but the baby please don’t let her lose the baby or die herself you shot her in the head then threw her in the river oh my god I knew something bad was going to happen but not that bad on a good note that was some great writing i know in order for there to be good there has to be a little bad so just don’t make it too bad but again great writing

  8. Sylvia, this is good, I mean really good! This was Dwight, prime opportunity to beat Lloyd/Jackson, after thinking about all those whoop-a@# he got from Lethal, he should have killed that dude!!! Anyway, why Sinclair, please make her and the baby okay. And when she is okay, please give her some outragous balls to kick Mel and Annelle’s a@#. Now the bomb shells need to start dropping, we need them to start getting gansgter now! Sinclair waited all her life, to get her nut crack and now, all she want is sex, like a dog in heat, before she start talking to Dwight, they would have not gotten in this situation!!!Waiting for the resst, my day was not going well, but your stories, just does something!! Keep it up!Tia

  9. You know you are so wrong for that, don’t you? How you gonna just leave my girl floating in the river like that, huh? And she’s pregnant too?That’s just too wrong for words, but still a great story!Philly Girl

  10. Please post today! I can’t wait all weekend to see what happens.

  11. Please post today! I can’t wait all weekend to see what happens.

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