Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 43.3

It was a long night but I’m well.

The children are out the hospital, with a clean bill of health and my dad, uncle and brother worked with DTE on getting the electric on the the front of our house so I’m going to be staying back and forth depending on how cold it is in Detroit, because if no one doesnt’ stay there the crackheads will come and take whatever is left. (Unfortunately I live in a bad neighborhood with two drug houses right around the corner on the next block, a prostitutes house at the end of the street, and weirdos that do some of the strangest things in the alley (which are just too x rated to even describe, but I’m trying to invest in a digital vido recorder so you can actually see what i see.) LOL.

God is good and his blessing are wonderful. I got my babies and I’ve got my flash drive, so my world is right. No bills are due except the gas and lights and cell phone, but I can hold them off for a week or so while I get everything together for the kids.

They are coping and they are so understanding. I like how they know when I’m stressed and all of a sudden this quiet behavior appears becasue they don’t want me to speak to them when I’m stressed. I guess I trained them well enough to know me. They let me make the decisions and don’t ask, “Why?” They depend on me and know I need all my strength to handle the problem at hand.

I didn’t plan them, but I can really say they are the best things to ever happen to me and I wouldn’t give them back to save my life. I never look at them as mistakes, but as wonderful blessings (and great retirement funds, LOL).

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. They are all appreciated and very much needed.

Virtually hugging and kissing each and everyone of you!!!

… Now back to our regularly scheduled program….

Someone asked how can I still post after all this?

I forgot which writer said it, (I think Ray Bradbury) “Stay drunk with writing to cloud out the reality of life.” The more I write, the bette I feel. When I’m really stressed I write more or make up websites or watch DVD’s to make me feel better. Those are my passions and whenever I’m stressed, Depressed or just need my own little happiness to make me feel better, I do that.

So that’s how I stay focused on the story. If I don’t stay in Dwight and Sinclaire’s world I’d probably go crazy.

Enjoy…. (this was posted twice cause I forgot to post the story, LOL, sorry)


Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 43.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. It seems like Dwight do have a death wish (chuckle…)Sylvia, I am impressed by your nothing can beat me attitude inspite of all the difficulties you are facing. Whenver I am getting into shit, I feel depressed and it usually catches up with me. May be I should be like you more…Aran

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