Sin’s Inquity – Chapter 38.3

Last one for the day. I’m leaving early.

I was going to be cruel and just leave the above scene, but… at last… I’m just too nice.



Sin’s Inquity – Chapter 38.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

4 thoughts on “Sin’s Inquity – Chapter 38.3

  1. LOL…is this where Sinclaire clues Dwight in on a few things. Oh and um…throughout all these “lessons”, I didn’t notice Dwight using any protection. And since Sinclaire is a, well was a virgin I don’t think she has any birth control so um….are they gonna have a talk about this?

  2. dolores my thoughts exactly he did say he was going to make her his wife right after thanksgiving so maybe he doesn’t care if she un gets pregnant right away cause with him not having had sex in 12 yrs and her never having it well the possibilities are endlesskeisha nc

  3. oh sylvia.. this was so good..i actually 4got that sinclaire was a virgin! wow..i concur with all the previous cposts.. and i know u’re about to open the flood gates girl! ride on!

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