Author Interuption – Book Reviews Request

No I’m not about to stop the story. That would be terms for cruel and unusual punishment.

But I would like to make a request for all who haven’t done it.

I’m trying to garner as many reviews as pssoible on Amazon, so if you’re reading this and have read the following books, I’d appreciate you going to and adding a review for the book.

And then you can send that review out to as many people as you want to get them to go to the link and buy the book.

I’ve been watching my stats lately there and even though I enjoy people buying directly from me or my lulu page, I would love if they bought from there as well.

That ranking of two million just does something to me.

Okay here are the books

Dreams of Reality(my first baby… I mean book)

Stone’s Revenge ( my current paperback favorite of all time)

Mistaken Identity (my latest favorite and the sequel is almost finished with the editing process.)

Thanks in advance and for all of those who have already done so, thank you already. I really appreciate any and everything you do.

BTW, I do love to do any and all book club requests as well so if you are apart of one, please suggest my books too.

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled story….


2 thoughts on “Author Interuption – Book Reviews Request

  1. I have just purchased mistaken but have not read it just yet so after I read it I will gladly post a review. In the mean time can you please post some more of sin’s story I am dying here keisha

  2. Also when is dark facade to be published I am ready to read the ending to this book I am like really ready to read it please just give a expected date of it being published keisha

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