Tanner’s Devil Part 39.3

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10 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 39.3

  1. Yes!! I am doing the victory drama dance.Let me stop before someone spots me dancing in the bathroom and think I am going into convulsions.Now the Title is in Tanner’s hands it seems like that is a nice sound slap in the face of Delvin and his mother.As far as Delvin goes I think he needs to do allot of crawling and begging to set things right.He not only wrong Tanner by talking to her like she was beneath him but for the wrong he did to his brother. Lord these folks are a mess ,guess my granny was right money don’t always make you happy.

  2. I am down on bended knee (did I tell you I have bad knees),please Sylvia one more installment today then I can go home a happy woman.

  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go head Tanner. And that what that stank ho mother gets. She needs to be on the floor with that other skank.

  4. this is one of the best stories i’ve read in a long time. keep up the awsome work.

  5. Whew!!! Sylvia, you are wearing me OUT!!! Got my whole Office up in her yelling and cheering (when LaTasha got pimp-slapped)…… It’s a shame when people in other cubes hoppin’ up trying to read over my shoulder…..This is TOO good – I like this one better than “Teach me to Love” and “Road to Freedom”.. I think your writing style gets better and better- keep going Sylvia, as hard as it is to say this… I think your blog days will be over soon – You should be Published soon!

  6. Sylvia you have just gained several new readers at my job,I also told them to give to the car fund.We are all going to get our phone taken ..LOL..the boss said it was one of his best investments ..if he only knew.

  7. I’m just hovering today…not getting much of anything done waiting to see what’s gonna happen next! I hope there’s at least one more part. I’ve gotta work tomorrow and can’t check from there. PLEASE give us something more to read today!!!! You hooked me with this one, Sylvia, and I’m dying to see what happens!

  8. Sylvia I have no idea how this happened but when I came home I started to catch up on todays and I know I was dog tired had a headache too but some how I managed to miss this one part. How the heck I finished 39.2 and then was at 40.1 is beyond me but later when I woke up and got my email I was reading over the one you sent from the group and I was glancing over them and there was 39.3 I was like wait a minute I don’t recall seeing that or reading that so then I actually came on the blog to read it I can really see it better on there LOL but I started reading and my oh my glad I checked my email and realized I missed a part boy talking about priceless this was so great I’m so happy you finally let Tanner tell Latasha’s secret to everyone cause it was starting to really get to me that she would allow her to get away with all that nonsense and act like she was so high an mighty thanks for letting the cat out of the bag. Keep up this great writting I look so forward to reading it when I come home can’t wait for tomorrow to get here.

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