Tanner’s Devil Part 39.2

over 800 hits yesterday?! Wow! I’m taking you’re very excited about what’s going on.

Me too.

First responses to the comments:

1st anonymous: sorry about you almost dropping your blackberry while trying to sneak and read at work, but that’s just so cool you can read it on your phone. you’re terrible!

Marlena: Need an explanation for what?

Sweets: Yes, I was writing the next section, but I waited til today to post cause I just love cliffhangers.

2nd anonymous: Never judge a book by its cover? But some people when they are hurt do and say stupid stuff, right?

3rd anonymous: uhhm, I don’t know how to respond to aw crap, but thanks for leavign a post. LOL.

4th anonymous: i’m honored you’re on bended knee, LOL. But I’m only writing what the characters are doing (I know that sounds looney, but this is playing out live in myhead and I’m not sure where this might lead.) I’ll try not to make him look like an ass – not. This is fun.

5th anonymous: I wonder about that too. Would you like to know? (laughing wickedly)

Okay, thanks for the comments and here is the next installment. Talk to you later and I’ll really try to post before I leave for the day.



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Tanner’s Devil Part 39.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

19 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 39.2

  1. I never would have seen this coming…. Devlin is a FOOL huhn. I keep feeling sorry for Tanner in all of this. At this point, I hope she DOES leave. I don’t like Devlin anymore, that gentlemanly act from the beginning (and YES, I re-read chapters) was all a hoax. NOW – you HAVE to write about how jacked up LaTasha’s face was looking when she heard the news.. tore up from the floor up!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Oh Hell Naw! I say she should leave his ill-mannered, mama’s boy, punk-until-he-gets-drunk behind too Tonya.and you’re right. I bet this just knocked that heifer Latasha off of her high horse.

  3. Ok I am doing a 180 here ,Richard needs slap the stupid out of his brother! Hurt or not some things said in anger can never be taken back.I hope Delvin stops before he makes the biggest mistake of his life.Now what is the secret that Richard could have? I know it’s a biggie, could it concern Richard’s son maybe he is really Delvins son?Looks like Delvin will marry ho number 2, since he has the papers ready and signed. Oh well guess I will be doing the hide away in the bathroom again with my trusted blackberry.

  4. You are right Tonya, I was totally fooled by Delvin sweeter than honey act, how sad I guess he was to good to be true. This story is better than the daytime soaps!! Now all we need is the phyco killer ,oh wait the pimp he fits that bill ,I forgot about him and where is Tanners friend and roommate ?

  5. He called her a skank! I want to shive the ass my self. Oh man it going to take alot work on his part to make things right, somebody give me a fork so I can stab the dumb jerk in the butt!

  6. ALA Dave Chapelle “Do i need to send Wayne Brady to choke Devlin out” Damn he is straight nasty he went from sweetheart to as i use his terms “Skanky” run Tanner who is this person standing in Devlin’s body? Treating you once again like a prostitute?????I don’t think i could forget the words that he was throwing at me as i was trying to leave. Tanner is stronger than me becuz there would have been some fist a flying I’m not sure how you are going to clean him up but right now Richard is looking good.

  7. I’m so hurt. How could he be so evil, I’m starting to like Richard. At least someones fighting for Tanner. And as for the mother what a hilarious reaction. If I was Tanner I would have told about the other skanks baby.

  8. 600 hits ,and Sylvia car fund is still at $230. Come on guys you all love the story right? Isn’t it worth a buck ,the price of a soda ,show some support.

  9. Sylvia thanks for doing such a great job on this story so far. I donated to your car fund. Sorry it took so long to do so.

  10. I agree Sweets,Tanner should tell Mr Two Face Title Stealing ass that his back up plan ,Latasha is knocked up,bet that would sober him up fast as he watches the title slip out of his sneaky slimmy hands. I know Tanner has class and would not do it but come on Sylvia let her throw that verbal punch. Show of hands how many of you want to see Delvin snatched down a few pegs.

  11. I see that the general agreement is that everyone is pissed and shocked at Delvin’s reaction.But, I should remind you all of who our beloved auther is, Sylvia Hubbard.There is always, always, always, a twist to her story.I need a show of hands for all the people who want to catch a flight to Detroit so we can see for ourselves what the twist is. LOL

  12. Me! Me! Me!!!He needs to do some serious begging to get back on Tanner’s good side at this point, and I’m not so sure he deserves it…but that bombshell of Tasha’s baby…that’d be almost as good as the look on his face when he finds out he just divorced his baby’s momma!

  13. I am up for a road trip.I can not believe that I am starting to think that Richard is the good guy or atleast there is method to his maddness, Delvin seems to only care about that stinking title.

  14. Man this getting so good. I’m loving it. I agree let’s all head to Detroit. And I’m also putting my hand in that Tanner needs to get getto on him and spill the beans about the baby.

  15. Since we are talking about seeing the reactions to news of Tanner and Delvins marriage,but how do you think Richard will react when he finds out he the baby’s daddy?

  16. Lawd, Lawd, Lawdy, Lawd!Talk about some drama. He’ll just have to deal with it. I just hope he turns out to be a better father figure than he was for his first son. Cause I think we all know that Latasha ain’t stepping up to the plate with no maternal instincts anytime soon.Better yet, I’m kinda starting to dig Richard. I would take that chick Latasha to the clinic and get a blood test for the child. DNA is more trustworthy than a skank’s word.

  17. That is so true but as I said before I would love to see how Delvin would handle the fact she is no long available to be apart of the baby making title plan and that the woman he just talked to like yesterday’s trash is carrying his child, now that is the best slap in the face he could get!

  18. how comes richard cares so much for Devlin now? Isn’t he supposed to want Tanner and Devlin to split up?

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