Tanner’s Devil Part 38.1

Leavign early for the day. Got meetings and so forth.

Okay, don’t prosecute me about the medical terminology and so forth. On the final, I’ll go back and straighten it out so it’s better explained, but I’ve been so bogged down with things Icouldn’t think straight. I just knew what they wanted to say.

Talk to you Monday and we will be done with this one by next week. (no promises but i’m sure gonna try.)



Post deleted but kept for comments. To read book:
Tanner’s Devil Part 38.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

4 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 38.1

  1. Yes, you can. I’ve researched the subject and the babys actually come out right. In Tanner’s condition, she had a mild form where the uterine lining can grow outside of the uterus. The egg doesn’t know the difference and once it is fertilize, it will attach to what it deems as uterine lining and start to grow.Which is why she was in so much pain in the beginning of the pregnancy. The body was shifting around.

  2. Ahhhh! – where is the new chapter??!!! I am dying of anticipation.

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