Tanner’s Devil Part 37.2

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6 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 37.2

  1. OK-I saw this one coming, with the cramping and such. But how did Devlin know she was leaving? Or is Harrison lying?Two- mom knows, doesn’t she, that Devlin married Tanner? Not knows, knows, but that “mama suspicion.”I want Donatello to kick Richard’s ass. That would make me smile.Sing Dammit

  2. This is getting too good Sylvia.Sing, Delvin knew she was leaving because after they had the argument where she refused to stay married to him, he got upset and agreed with her that she should leave. that’s the part when e came out of the shower drippin’ wet (heavy sigh of longing) LOL

  3. *Please say you are going to have another chapter done today. One is just not enough. Hell neither is two, but I am willing to compromise. =)

  4. Dannnnnnng I’m with you Sing- I saw that coming and with Harrison knowing about it Devlin will know for sure and now that Tanner knows – she will definitely have to rethink this thing cause who wants a baby around Donatello right?Lady Emma got a little ghetto in her, you can tell by that statement she made in the previous chapter…. she’ll understand.Richard needs to know he’s about to become a Father anyway and a fight between the Duke and the Street Pimp – just the ending I need ….. I’m droolin’ just thinkin’ about it.OK, that’s gross – no I’m not!!

  5. i can’t help but be happy that tanner is pregnant. devlin can’t use that excuse, now. even though i want richard/dick beat down, he did make an important point. what is devlin trying to make up for? i love this story.

  6. Whaaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!! Please no don’t leave us hanging like that I beg of you. I really enjoyed this chapter.

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