Tanner’s Devil Part 32.1


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4 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 32.1

  1. Oh! She is going to say that baby is Delvin and Tanner going to stand by and let her do for fear of being exposed.See I told you this is like my family reunion. Poor Richard I think right now Tanner could tell him to cut his throat and he would if he thought she would give him some . This is so good I have my husband reading it !

  2. i hope Tanner fights right back, like an “accidental” leak to the press that Latasha’s baby is Richard’s. once emma finds out this, she’d have latasha hitched with richard and Devlin is once again “single.” but of course, emma is kind of strange and might INSIST that he marries latasha but hopefully Devlin will refuse. ..oh crap.. im confused…

  3. i can’t wait till Tanner gets Latasha out of her way. she needs to find out whether she is going to fight to stay married to Devlin or just let him go. All of this fighting and stuff doesn’t make any sense if she is just going to fade in the background.

  4. *tapping the microphone*…. “Attention clean up crew we have a bitch down in aisle five I repeat we have a bitch down in aisle 5” that is all.I hope that this story has a HEA type ending or I’ll have to track Sylvia down especially since we both reside in Michigan and I know some people who know some people *hehehe*:~)

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