Tanner’s Devil: Author Interuption

I know you hate these because they are usually bad news. Yes, I know, but I have to say, working today certainly made me feel better.

It’s like the more I write, the better I feel. My head feels a lot better, although my sinuses still hurt and its still difficult to swallow, but I can see out of both eyes now and my nose doesn’t sting.

Anyhoo, I changed the cover to Tanner’s Devil and i wanted to know what you thought of it?

8 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil: Author Interuption

  1. The guy on the cover looks black not white. By the way love the story. I can not wait until this and Dark Facade is out in print.

  2. Sylvia, is that suppose to be Donatello on the cover? Enjoying the read so far I cannot wait to see where you are going with the whole baby storyline but i have a guess 😉~Jaimi

  3. I just wanted to say how much I love reading your stories. They always leave you wanting MORE!Thanks

  4. Sylvia, maybe it’s me but I got the impression Delving was mixed with Hispanic. So I don’t see anything wrong if the man looks brown skinned.No offense. But I did notice how Devlin’s hair color changed in your posts, it was dark in one post and blonde in another.I think once you get his description and ethnicity clear in the book, you will be able to find a good pic to represent him.

  5. I would love to see the males’ photo on the cover similar to how you described Devlin’s features during the first chapter where he has blond hair because otherwise it looks like an AA story based solely on the cover and the cover is what people *especially women like myself* notice first.But I also agree with Shai *gasp* that once more clarity is achieved about Devlin’s description then you will find a better picture in which to depict him.Angelina:~)

  6. I agree with all the commenters. i think you should find the exact description you want of Devlin and and then you can have the right cover. But considering the fact that you are an amazing wirter I’ll forgive. ;)The cover’s great though.

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