Tanner Devil’s Part 7

Tanner had been scared witless when he had come up behind her. At first, she thought Donetello had found her. It was pure amazement to know such a large man could walk so quietly despite his own weight.

But as she saw the in better light, she couldn’t believe she had slept with him. He was heart stopping gorgeous! Even more gorgeous in person than on screen and her whole body started to react to him completely.

Green – no not just green. He had the brightest green almost spearmint eyes that seem to look everywhere at once. They contrasted with his dark coloring that was a natural tan and she could determine he was a mix between old European and Hispanic. Arrogant facial features complimented a strong chin and thick neck, which mellowed out to broad shoulders and those powerful arms that she remembered so well.

Her fingers itched to touch him and a strange pulse started in her belly and fluttered up to her chest.

When she yelled at him, he didn’t react or respond, except to just open the door for her.

He was being a complete gentleman. Did he know she was just some prostitute? Why was he being…nice? Men in his position in life weren’t nice to street trash.

Soon as she walked in the hotel room her eyes found the bed and her brain couldn’t help reliving memories from last night, which in turn dampened her panties even more.

Cutting her daydream short before she got carried away, she found him reaching in the closet and pulling out a stash of money. Her eyes lit on the tuxedo hanging in there.

Instantly, she seemed to remember her purpose for being there.

Tuxedo…weird man…with lots of money…

As he took out the money to pay her, she walked over to him and touched his hands. She knew touching him wasn’t necessary but she was drawn to feel his skin on her own and this was an innocent action, yet the heat in his eyes made her experience a hot flash only below her belt and she felt her moistness increase as this look became even more fearsome, but for the life of her she couldn’t draw away. Her breath caught in her throat and it took every bit of effort to keep her mind on what she wanted to say to him.

Paying meant he probably wanted instant silence, but she needed answers – Lots of answers.

“Are you Devlin Sanchez?”

Instantly those green eyes narrowed and darkened. He pressed the money hard in her palm, but Tanner knew she needed answers.

With answers it would relieve her curiosity and without curiosity maybe she could start the process of getting him out her system and her head.

Putting the money down not even caring about it, she said, “I’m not going to be quiet unless I know the truth.” She took off her coat and hat

Yanking the cap off his head and hurling it across the room took Tanner by surprise, yet unlike Donetello’s anger, she wasn’t scared that this even larger man would hurt her, even though he really looked angry.

“Who else knows?” he questioned sitting on the edge of the bed as if defeated.

“You are?!” she gasped covering her mouth in shock. It wasn’t an omission, but it was close to one. Immediately, she began to pace, as was her usual when she had to do a lot of thinking. “The news said you were a virgin.”

“I am… I mean I was until last night,” he admitted proudly but there was a bit of guilt in his voice.

Suddenly, she stopped pacing in front of him, breathing erratically. “I wonder,” she puffed through deep breaths and grabbed her chest. “Is this how a man feels when he takes a girl’s cherry?” She looked at her arms. “Look! I’ve got goosebumps.”

“Are you done?” he asked, looking highly perturbed but ever so cute.

Couldn’t she find something unattractive about him?

Tanner laughed and sat on the bed next to him, but when he only glared hard at her she quickly lost her sense of humor and decided to answer his initial question. “No one knows, except me. So why did you do it?”

Tanner’s Devil Part 7 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard