Author Interuption : Good morning

No, I didn’t post yesterday.

the Internet was acting funny and I couldn’t so thank you for no pressure and no death threats. I’m also trying to finally attach the ISBN to the book mistaken identity and trying to understand the bowker system.

If anyone’s had any experience with submitting the book to the directory, please email me offline and HELP! cause my brain is fried.

Also, I’m looking for more speaking engagements this year, so if you are doing a literary event or any other event (or know someone) that i can come to speak and sell books please let me know. I’m even willing to do double seminars for the price of one. If you’re a blog reader, I’ll only charge what it takes to get there and get back. I’d appreciate help in setting up a booksigning while i’m there, but i’m a cheap but very good speaker.

Plus i’ll be getting out the house – which I haven’t had a vacation in ten years – and I’ll actually get to meet my readers face to face.

My calendar is open for now, so let me know of any other literary events I can get to and sell some books. I’d appreciate any and all suggestions and referrals.

Now… Tanner’s Devil…

Whew! Yesterday I got so into it, I had to walk away from my computer screen at work and just calm myself down. I was so wrapped up in Tanner that I started to feel her frustrations and …

I hope i’ve protrayed that on paper cause this is just wowing me to get it out.

I’ll be posting all day long!

Sylvia Hubbard
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