Tanner’s Devil – Part 6.2

Devlin had to walked three blocks to the strip mall from the motel to find some more clothes and accessories. Plus, he had not eaten since breakfast yesterday, so he found a Coney Island and picked up a burger which he quickly woofed down on his way to the strip mall.

Arriving in Detroit yesterday with just his travel bag and a tuxedo, he knew he had to get out of the penguin suit before he attracted too much attention. The clerk at the hotel was paid nicely to get the undershirt, jeans and cap, but they had fit tight.

Devlin decided to go himself this time. He would not only pick up some clothes that fit, but also some personal items, candles, condoms and some snacks.
Continuing his walk to the strip mall was difficult because Devlin had never walked so far except through his large mansion in upstate New York.

On top of that he was in Detroit on a not so friendly side of town and all they knew was that this big white guy was walking around. Devlin had only carried his identification, one credit card, a couple of hundred in cash and his cell phone. He had borrowed an old black jacket from the hotel’s lost and found, which barely fit across the wide span of his chest and could not be closed.

While shopping, he decided to break down and call his father. This would be least expected and Devlin knew what to expect and Devlin knew what to expect.

“Dev, is that you?” Auriello Sanchez questioned. The slight accent made his words more pronounced, but the concerned that filled his voice was evidence.

“Si, Pappa,” Devlin said in misery.

Auriello asked concerned. “Where are you? Your mother is worried. She is actually speaking to me thinking I’m keeping you from her.”

“I’m okay. That’s all you need to know and you may tell her that was all I told you.”

“Your mother is a hot mess. Why are you keeping your phone off on purpose? And why did you abandon your vehicle in Traverse City? What is this? You’ve never been this
irresponsible before?”

“I know, Pappa, but I was angry. Richard had no right!”

“Where are you? I’ll come get you myself.”

“No. I just called to let you know I’m still alive and … and tell Momma I’ll be home soon. I’ll come straight to New York, but I don’t want to see Richard’s face.”

“That’s your brother. You’ll throw him to the curb?”

“Do you think he cared that he was my brother when he was fucking my fiancée?” Devlin sneered.

People knear him stopped what they were doing and looked at him curiously.

Devilin pulled the cap down tighter. Knowing his tone of voice and words were out of line, he quickly apologized. “But I’m tired of this blood being thicker than water speech, Pappa. A bastard is a bastard and you let the bastard know to get his shit and get the hell off my property.”

“Where will he go, Devlin?”

“Fuck if I care.” He turned off the phone and jammed it in his pocket.

He was almost tempted to call the pimp from the cell phone, but decided against it. He would call once he returned to the room. That was enough time so he didn’t seem desperate.

‘Cursed all this walking!’ He was given too much time to think and the only thing he wanted to think about was the woman he had shared his first time with.

But was he really desperate?

No! Any woman should do. Most likely he was endeared to this woman because she had been his first. Of course! That could be the only reason. He would get to the hotel and tell this pimp to
just send anyone. As long as she was clean and quiet, it shouldn’t matter.

Yet, the idea of touching the dark honey brown skin, feeling her warm mouth on him and having her ride him to glory kept repeating in his head. Devlin found himself longing to really know if her sweat tasted like chocolate and if he could really make her come with his mouth like he had done with his hand.

He was tired of reading how to please a woman. He wanted to try all the things he had read about and share them with just one woman.

So why couldn’t it be with her?

She was a professional and hell all this money he had, why couldn’t it afford him something? Instead of always being tucked away for when he became married.

Dammit! It was his money! He could buy anything he wanted. And he wanted Tanner.

Coming around the corner to the walkway in front of his hotel door, he stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes beheld the woman that had just been in his thoughts.

Devlin had not thought the pimp would just send her and no one had come to pick up the money in advance. Would this mean he would give her the money?

His manhood twitched in excitement and his pants became extra tight in the front again.

She had just knocked on his door and was consumed on her own thoughts, so she had not noticed as Devlin walked up behind her. He leaned down and smelled her hair. What was she thinking?
Was she just as excited as he was at the prospect of being together again? Could they
immediately start as soon as they entered or would he have to warm her up like he did last night? He wouldn’t mind. It felt so good feeling inside of her. She had been soft and tender, moist and juicy.

She smelled so nice – Spring pink flowers and cinnamon.

Clearing his throat, she spun around startled.

“Why the hell do you keep doing that?!” she yelled.

Devlin frowned not expecting her forceful nature and opened his hotel door. She seemed a little uncomfortable suddenly as he moved out the way to let her walk in before him.

When the door was closed and Devlin had put his items on the table, he retrieved his money from the closet and started to count out the grand. She came up to him and touched his hands.

Meeting her beautiful honey brown eyes that were a strange match to her skin tone, he found himself almost lost and willing to promise her anything if he could just have her again. He hadn’t notice the sensually face and how her naturally her lips pouted and called out for kisses.
She had a mole in the left corner of her mouth and he found a need to just lick right there in corner and make a trail along her bottom lip and nibble right there on his mouth until his teeth fell out.

At that moment and time, Devlin didn’t just want her body; he wanted to possess her soul. He wanted to wake up to her and he wanted to privilege of being the only man who could make her come like she had last night.

Sex may have ignited his passion for her, but there was something more driving his urges to have her. He was sure of that, but he just couldn’t explain it.

“Are you Devlin Sanchez?” she asked suddenly.

Devlin placed the money in her hand, but she put it down on the table.

“I’m not going to be paid to be quiet unless I know the truth!” she said adamantly.

This was not how he expected her to find out!

Frustrated, Devlin took the cap off and hurled it across the room.Shit! Fuck! If she knew, who else knew?

Tanner’s Devil Part 6.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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