Tanner’s Devil – Part 3

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As soon as he heard the door close, Devlin opened his eyes, tossed the hat off and looked at his wallet. She hadn’t taken anything. Going over to the closet after he had dressed. Bile rose up in his stomach as the first thing he saw was the tuxedo he had came to town wearing. Pushing it aside, he reached in the back of the closet on the top shelf and pulled out a bag, which contained all his possessions he had on him when he arrived in Detroit – a twenty thousand dollar watch, his credit cards, eighty thousand in jewelry, his cell phone, a pager and all the other credentials he needed to leave out of the country.

He pulled out was the envelope that contained his unsigned marriage certificate and tickets for his honeymoon. With every fiber of his being, he wanted to rip it to shreds, but he couldn’t. Stuffing the envelope back in his bag, he pulled out the cell phone and turned it on. Thirty missed calls. He turned it off again not bothering to check to see who was calling him.
His stomach growled in hunger, but he didn’t want to leave yet. This had been a momentous occasion and he needed to think. True his actions had been careless and his mother would be sadly disappointed if she ever found out – that was a big if. Could he actually hide the fact that he had just lost his virginity to his family members?

Devlin had been always good about hiding anything else he felt; he didn’t feel that this could be any different.

She was damn fine! Damn good!

His shaft stiffened as he began to remember what he had just done. Damn, he shouldn’t have pretended sleep. For five hundred more, he could have probably gotten some more. He wanted some more. Could he get her again?

‘No!’ By the end of the day his face was going to be plastered over every newsreel in the country or maybe the world because of his association with a supermodel as a fiancée. Going back for seconds would be career-wise suicide… yet, just imagining those blushes and the way she became so wet.

Fondly, he bit his lip and took note of the tightness in his jeans. Dammit! He would never get anything accomplished if he walked around with a hard-on.

Reaching in the bag again, he reached in the bottom to pull out a business card. On the back of it, he wrote the number to the pimp. Maybe he could think of some way just to see her again for a moment before he decided to leave town tonight.

What had the bodyguard called her? Tanner? Strange for a prostitute to go by her last name.
Very strange, but this had been a very strange day for Devlin Sanchez. No use trying to pretend though. If he was going to hell in a hand basket he might as well go for the gold in sinning.

Going to the window, he looked at the sunrise. Today was a new day.

Today he would change his life completely.

* * *

Tanner entered the apartment quietly, but Pari was up and glaring at her.

“Where the hell have you been?” Pari demanded to know. “I was worried to death.”

She didn’t stop to answer her roommate, until she got in the bathroom to begin to run a
hot bath. In her head, Tanner was going over her schedule – an hour to bathe, another couple of hours to sleep and then she would get over to the college to pay what she could and ask for an extension on her fee. Although, she could only hope that it worked because she had already asked for six extensions.

“Working,” Tanner said, stripping everything off and stepped into the bathtub.

Pari gasped realizing what Tanner had done. “We could have-“

Tanner cut her off. “What’s done is done, Pari. I got most of the money so-“

“But Tanner, you think Donetello’s going to just let you walk out again. He’s been trying to drag you down again-“

“I paid Jamroque to keep his mouth closed and tell Donetello I sent another crackhead. No, I’m not getting back in the business, but how the hell did you expect me to come up with
nine thousand in less than twenty-four hours?”

Pari had a dumbfounded look on her face as she sunk on the side of the tub. “I got five hundred I can still give you, which I know you can make back up by rent day”

Tanner could and gave Pari a reassuring smile. “Thanks, Pari.”

When her roommate had given her a moment alone, Tanner said his name out loud.
“Devlin Digori Aurello Sanchez.”

A weird name for a very weird man. It really didn’t matter because she would never have to see him again.

And why did that suddenly feel like something she didn’t want?

When she had been in the business, Tanner, had been at the top of her game. Being Donetello’s girl at the same time, she was able to pick and choose her customers, but she was also able to bring in a whole lot of money for him. Lots of drugs and alcohol had helped her get to that point, but when her mother died from a beating so bad from a John and Tanner had been unable to save her, Tanner knew she could not do this life anymore.

Seeing how the people at the hospital looked at her mother as if she were a piece of trash, Tanner’s mission had been to open up her own clinic that would service women in the position she had been in and offer counseling to women who had no where else to go.

She smartened up, got in school and had been head strong on getting her education since then. That had been almost eight years ago and about four years ago, she told Donetello not only was she not taking Johns anymore, but also she did not want to be his girlfriend.

Of course, no one walked away from Donetello without a fight or without payment, so Tanner told Donetello she would give him a cut of any business he sent her way. It took about three more months to get Donetello to understand there was no “us,” but in some sick way he cared about her and did not want to let her go.

Sometimes Tanner would let him come over and spend time with her. He would steal kisses and feels, but Tanner would draw the line at anything else.

Yet, Tanner had gone to him two weeks ago for a loan on the money and he told her his terms. She would have to come back and work for him until she paid him back, plus be his girl. Tanner did not want that, but she asked if he had any big jobs that could get her something fast before her due date, could he hit her up.

So when Jamroque came that night, she knew this was Donetello at work in her favor and he knew it was an offer too good for her to resist. Donetello was being more than gracious for giving her that amount to sleep with the john, but she knew it was only because Donetello still had feelings for her and knew she would not budge unless it was a great deal amount of money.

‘So where are you going to get two thousand?’ she asked herself.

She decided to first ask for the extension and then cross that bridge when she had to.

When she could not bath anymore, Tanner’s stomach growled for sustenance. Wrapping only her favorite thick warm pink robe around her, she made herself a grill cheese sandwich and joined Pari on the couch, who was watching an entertainment cable channel. Even though Tanner knew she needed some sleep her brain was trying too hard not to think of what she had done and she felt maybe talking to Pari would get her mind off the weird stranger.

“Oh man, look!” Pari cried excitedly. “That’s the guy who got dupped at his wedding.”

Tanner looked at the screen, but forgot her glasses and reached in her purse to find them, but by the time she put them on the anchors were moving on to a new subject.

“Who is he?” Tanner asked, but only to make conversation.

“Really, Tanner, you’ve got to watch more news. He’s been all over the place.” Pari was flicking through the channels, trying to find this “hot” news story again, while explaining the whole story to Tanner.

“This rich white guy with old money pledged to stay a virgin until he got married, right?” She giggled at the hilarity of a man doing something like that in this day and age. “His family comes from some royal line of something, but he’s American born.”

“Pari, skip the details,” Tanner said, hating when her roommate ran off on nothingness.

“Oh yeah. Anyways, now he’s thirty something and his parents planned for him to marry this supermodel in the U.P., which is where she’s from.”

“Wait. He’s over thirty and a virgin?” Tanner asked skeptically.

“Yeah! And fine as hell! Too bad he’s white cause I ‘d jump his fine ass bones.” Pari continued, glad she had Tanner’s attention because Tanner was usually never interested in nothing but medical stuff. “He admitted to only masturbation a few years back. He did an interview with Barbara Walters when he was voted like sexiest man for some magazine, about abstaining and saving himself for the woman he was going to be with forever. ‘Cause of some old family tradition by his great grandfather who was some kind of prince over in some European country. Matter of fact, this Devlin’s guy is like a duke somewhere overseas or something and named after his great-grandfather.”

“That’s some weird-“ Tanner caught herself. Never had she just encountered weirdness all at once and looked at the television screen as Pari pointed to the ongoing story.

“…thirty-three year year old, wealthy bachelore Devlin Sanchez is seen here walking out the church where he was last seen to marry in Upper Michigan,” the anchorwoman reported off screen. “According to witnesses, Mr. Sanchez discovered his bride and best man together in the back of the church. Devlin Sanchez has made headline not only for his long term bachelorhood, but because of his virginity, which he has vowed to only relinquish to his wife…”

Tanner hadn’t realized it until her eyes started hurting, that she had walked up to the screen. Upon blinking to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, she realized Devlin Sanchez was the same man who had been with her last night!

Dear Lord, she had fucked the thirty-year-old virgin!

A light knock on the front door had Pari running to open it while Tanner started pacing in order to think.

‘Why now?! Why her?!’

“I said good morning, Tanner,” Donetello’s smooth deep voice like Keith Washington, licking his dark lips and smelling good as hell.

Facing him completely, she was a bit startled by his sudden appearance in her living room. And she was very acutely aware that she was naked underneath the robe.

Yet, unlike any other time when she would just become instantly turned on at the knowledge of knowing she had Donetello’s fine black ass wrapped around her finger, this time, she felt instant dread.

Because all she could do was think about how she could get back to Devlin Sanchez just one more time.

Tanner’s Devil – Part 3 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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