“Thank you so much for your feedback, it does help so much to make the story better.”

Someone in the group posed this problem with the story:

it’s a great read…but is it really plausible that a guy who’s kepthimself for years…would loose at the first glitch to aprostitute…apart from that it was good

I thought the same thing too as I was formulating the premise of all of this. I’m an on the fly girl and problems such as Devlin being a virgin and losing it to the first girl … well that really didn’t happen that way or maybe I’m interpreting the ‘first glitch’ as something else. We know from the synopsis that Devlin’s brother has slept with his fiance’, and from the story, we know that Devlin has a lot of money, so we can guessimate that he’s a pretty smart guy and just not someone who runs off and does something like this. And as we go along with the story, you’ll see why Devlin choose Tanner, so I really can’t answer this all the way, or otherwise I’d be giving it up before you even bought me dinner, LOL. If I don’t answer that question by part 6, please remind me again, but I hope Part 4 will bring to light more of Devlin’s decision.

Next problem from another reader:

I really like it so far. There are some really hot scenes. I’m very intrigued with Devlin. I do have a question though,didn’t you write that Tanner was ebony when she came out of her room? To me that implies a darker tone of skin. Then yousaid it has an almond tone, which I think is a tad lighter than ebony. Then you say light skin, although ebony and almond are two totally different shades, I don’t consider that light. I’m just trying to get an idea of what Tanner looks like. I don’t really like stories that say the female is black, but then the hero can see her blushing everytime

And I thank you for pointing that out. I will be going over the original to find the chick’s skin color out. I’m going back to actually put in that Tanner’s shade of brown (and there’s so many darn colors of brown) is like a coffee with too much cream. The blushing in the story is important and a person of this color does present a slight flush when they are either embarrassed or turned on. Would that suffice?

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  1. Ok all you blog readers, I have popped in now and then here. Sylvia is my girl and fellow Detroit sista.I made time for a change and slowed down to read her new installment.What I find sad is her car/computer fund is so low. This woman is giving you at least a $15 book and the fund is only 155. I know things is tight but writing at not joke. She just broke off a 90,000 word novel. So where’s the love and compensation.

  2. Aww, Shai. Maybe I should have like a Car Fund Party online, like the rent parties they use to do back in the day and generate like that.Ha ha.

  3. Funny you say that Sylvia. We, RAW4ALL, had an online rent party for Linda Chavis. She is in charge of READ, a program in Ohio for kids. They lost major funding and cannot fully operate so she is currently not being compensated.Tina McKinney donated books from Strebor for Linda to sell and other donations were made some by PayPal.

  4. Yeah, donated to READ last year but the rent party was actually for her. The chat that nice was nice and Renee of RAW gave away books and I won one.Girl, I feel ya on the car/computer fund. I am saving for a car but I will be getting a computer next month. I NEED it and I will just finance it.

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