Deceptive Nights – Author Interuption

WOW! I mean it when I say, WOW!

You’all shot the graph almost off the charts. I was floored to see everyone so into the story. I mean this baby started off so quiet now you guys are on a roll.

PLEASE don’t stop!

First, I want to warn you, I probably won’t be posting until about eleven am EST. U can IM me all you want, but I went to take my daughter to drama and dance and ended up ten pm at a skating party at Northland Skating Rink on 8 mile.

Lawd da help, I haven’t skated in like twenty years (that’s in dog years, but human years I would say three, LOL) and my azz is on fire. Not only my azz, but my pelvic, thighs, knees, ankles and even toenails hurt! At least I only fell three times (didn’t you feel that earthquake, LMAO).

Okay, folks, you know I might be taking a story break in October and November. I’m pushing my conference wit hthe book fair, which i know all my writin friends who are reading this is goin over to my website and downloading the registeration form as we speak.

I’m not going to be speaking this year at my own conference .I’m too busy putting it together and drumming up any and all media, but I’ll be signing books and networking. It’s my annual party really for writers and readers. So even if you don’t write, I know you read, so come out to the book fair, which is FREE, and join lots of good writers.

I know my Detroit readers should be marking their calendars for November 12th as we speak cause I just know you’ll be there! I might even have Dark Facade there fresh off the press, so be on the lookout.

Mistaken Identity should be done in a week with all the edits and be ready for its ISBN debut by the first of November.

I was thinking and I really would like your opinion, how many would be interested if I conducted a plot and conflict story. A class on how to build great page turning plots. Someone suggested that I should and I was seriously thinking about it.

Oh, and the reason why I was story stopping in November was because I wanted to participate in the November Novel Writing. I figure, I got those jokers beat since I can write a good story in what? Two weeks? I could pump out something in thirty days? I was already formulating my ideas too. A student/teacher thing? Doesn’t that sound kinky? Oh yeah! It’s on and popping.

Okay, my Detroit blood is coming out. Gotta go! TTYL!

Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard