Author Interuption – Stealing Innocence

I’m putting you all on notice:

Due to the recent demand of stealing innocence as of November 2005, it will only be partially available for free as an ebook.

I know, I know, but the popularity is growing and I love that I get over a hundred downloads a day of the book (not including the ten to twenty request by mail a day as well), but the demand to send out this book and preparing for stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart, has made the first book a valuable commodity.

So, spread the word and let everyone know. Get it while it’s free because you know once Putnam picks it up and makes it available for hardcover (wink wink wishes) they’ll be shelling out $25 a pop for the book. Matter of fact, don’t tell no one, LOL. I could use the money about now with my carless self! is currently featuring stealing innocence in one of their monthly campaigns.

I changed up the bookcover. Let me know how u like it?!

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