Dark Facade – Part 16

A publisher has approached me seriously with intentions to buy this story.
Of course that would mean finishing and that’s what I had been busily doing
this weekend, although I’m not finished yet, but I should be done by the end
of this week.

I worked out the complexities (if that’s a word) of the story this weekend
and with no car and no cable, trust me, you’d be surprise at the stuff I get
done as I sit at home with no entertainment except my growing collection of
DVD’s and the lack of transportation. (That’s why all of you should just buy a
book from me to donate to my car fund, LOL. Sistah tired of riding the bus with
her three kids, especially with school starting up.)

In any case, I’m going to post two more parts and then let you know
where you can pre-order the book. Most likely it will be on my
work in progress page and there’ll be a paypal option for you to pay, even with credit

Thanks in advance to all of your comments, questions and

Without further ado, please enjoy Part 16…..

Part 16

This part of the book is no longer available. This is still available to keep history of author’s comments and readers comments while the book was live.

You may look for this book available for download in two parts at: http://bit.ly/smashhub

4 thoughts on “Dark Facade – Part 16

  1. Congraduation on the book deal, I cannot wait to purchase this book. I hope Philp is not only good master in this story. Those other men are pigs. If I was Anna, I make my master paid for what he did to me financally and physically. I love the story. It’s little rough but I am diggit. Keep up the good work. One more post please don’t make us wait to long for the book.Darkfaer

  2. Hi, its interesting but at the same time i think now its just getting a bit drag as she has not seen lisa yet. this was one time where she would have met her. Dont know how this will end but hopefully you have the same tempo all through…..

  3. I will happily support your car fund when this is published! Do you expect this to happen before the end of the year?

  4. Wow! What a powerful chapter! I am ready to purchase (hopefully a print version) whenever it comes out. Can’t wait to see what Phillipe is really doing …Trickie

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