BabyDoll – Chapter 1

“You look good, girl”, Tawny cackled loudly.

Pendulyn had to wonder how much her friend had been drinking before she came out the house. She could smell the alcohol on Tawny’s breath and she knew her friend long enough to know wherever they were planning to go out, Tawny had to put away at least two forties of the cheapest malt liquor. “Are you ready to go?” she asked Tawny exasperated.

“Hell yes!” Tawny said excitedly, rocking her hips lasciviously back and forth real hard. Her wide overdeveloped chest for her 5’ 2” frame looked like Jell-O underneath the low cut halter shirt. Tawny wasn’t fat, but she had yet to lost the weight after the sixth child she had given birth to six months ago, so there was a little belly sticking out at the end of the shirt and she still had her wide hips that had developed during this pregnancy. “You going to give the bootie tonight?” Tawny asked.

Pendulyn blushed knowing exactly what Tawny was speaking of. She had been putting Greg off for weeks and now was the time to give him something. She knew their last argument was just sexual frustration from him. She was just as frustrated, but she wanted it to be right. She didn’t want another hit it and leave. She was tired of those and this was supposed to be different. Greg worked at General Motors. He had a job with benefits and at twenty-four, he was very happening and very handsome. Pen liked him a lot, except when he wanted things his way and his very flirtatious nature around other females, but she knew he loved her and wanted to be with her. The past three months had been a heart stopping romance for both of them and she knew Greg was her future.

Tawny didn’t need an answer from Pendulyn to know what was going on. They had been friends since fifth grade and Tawny could read Pendulyn’s expressive dark brown eyes like a book. “You give it to him good girl. ‘Member all I’ve taught you, cause this man’s gonna be speaking in tongue when the night is through.”

Pendulyn giggled and said, “Let’s go, girl, before you have all the neighbors knowing I’m going to get something with your loud mouth.”

Tawny cackled again and followed Pendulyn to her burgundy Expedition. Her father, who loved to spoil his little girl, had given her this for her twenty-first birthday last week. He was the one who had given Greg the plant job two years ago when they were just seeing each other as really close friends. She knew at the time Greg had other women, but a year ago they had made a commitment to each other and three months ago it started to get very, very serious to the point where Pendulyn had to decide whether to give herself to him before or after marriage.
It was Tawny who made everything sound reasonable when she said, “Damn the sex, Pen. That’ll come whether they’re a good or bad guy. You don’t want no kind of man that can’t work it out later. Work it out now and find out if all that shit he talks all the time he’s gonna really do.”

Pen was curious. It wasn’t as if she was a virgin. She had given it up like most other girl’s in her generation at a very young age. As painful as the experience was, Pendulyn became terrified of pregnancy and decided that to have sex was to take on responsibilities she was not ready to handle. Tawny was just as old as Pendulyn and she was on her sixth child. Two sets of twins in a row did not help at all. Pendulyn loved Tawny but she didn’t want to end up like her.

“Is he going to meet you there?” Tawny asked.

Pendulyn shook her head. “I thought I’d surprise him and show up looking good and sexy. I put the hotel room on hold for the next two days and I’ve got three days off of work. I know he doesn’t have to be in until late tomorrow night, so I thought two days of getting my groove on with my man would be the ultimate day off. With my parents out of town until Monday, I know I have no worries.”

Tawny shook with laughter. “Girl, you got the good and sexy. You sure you can handle him. He looks like he got a lot.”

“I can give as good as I can get, so I’m not worried about a thing. The question should be, can he handle me?” They broke out in laughter together.

Baby Doll Chapter 1 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

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