Mistaken Identity – Part 2

Part 2

Dana didn’t know what to say or do. The look in his eyes still showed he was unsure as to whom he had be making love to or would that be called making love? No, Dana had been thoroughly fucked and she wasn’t going to feel bad about it.

But she sufficed the satisfied giggle that wanted to burst forth from her lips.

Jerome dislodged abruptly and she gasped as the movement created an erotic spasm. He quickly fixed his clothes and began to pace his big body in front of her, while she slowly sat up feeling a slight soreness.

“Dana!” he hissed.

She nodded sheepishly and stood up taking off the dress.

Jerome turned his back to her quickly. She smiled feeling a bit honored by his respect even after what they had just shared as she put on the ugly green dress and laid the wedding dress on the bed over the stain ‘they’ had created.

“Denise is downstairs,” Dana said quietly as he turned back around to face her.

He flinched at looking at the horrible dress, but then those cool brown eyes settled on her face again. “Why?”

She shrugged and lowered her eyes now embarrassed. “I won’t tell,” she promised as she moved to unlock the door.

He grabbed her arm and swung her around. His lips hungrily kissed her and Dana felt her pulse rising as he pulled her against his wide chest and those large arms circled her waist and his hands cupped her ass. Damn he smelled good, he kissed good and he felt good all over.

When he moved away, he said, “I want you.”

Breathlessly she said, “That sounds personal.”

Shrieks and screams were coming up the stairs and they knew Denise was coming back. He practically dragged her into the closet and closed the door. They could see through the doors blinds as the bedroom door slam open. Her sister’s entourage followed her sister in.

Denise snatched up the dress. “Hurry up!” she screamed at them.

Dana felt Jerome press his body close to hers, but she knew he was trying to see what was going on. Still his breath could be felt on the corners of her ear. She closed her eyes briefly feeling her body responding to his proximity. Damn, all the other times, she had admired Jerome from afar. He had never come this close unless it was a brief handshake or passing by.
Never this close.

The sorority sisters clamored about Denise to help her on with the dress.

Denise’s best friend, Gloria, went over to the bed that had been messed up during their tryst and looked hard at the bedspread.

“Who messed up the bed?” Gloria asked.

Dana gasped and Jerome quickly put a hand over her mouth

Denise stopped what she was doing and looked at the bed. “Who the fuck was on my bed?”

Everyone in the vicinity of Denise denied it.

Dana wanted to whimper in dismay, but with Jerome covering her mouth and his body pressed so damn close to her, her body was very aware that they couldn’t make a sound.

“Where’s Dana?” Gloria asked.

“Who cares,” Denise sneered.

“I’m asking because she is probably the one who did it.”

Denise seethed, “That selfish heifer. What the hell was she doing on it?”

Dana seriously wanted to defend or lie or something because she didn’t want Jerome to hear this, but he didn’t seemed fazed by the malevolence in Denise’s voice. Instead, his free hand was now roaming down her waist and was slowly hiking up her dress. She tried to stop his hand, but then his lips began to attack the crook of her neck.

Once her thighs were revealed, he moved his hand between her legs and pleasingly massaged her clit until her hips grinded against his groin. He had become erected, but his intentions for arousing her were different this time.

The hand that covered

He dropped to his knees and moved her until her front pressed against the wall next to the door. The shrieks and noises outside the door seem to completely die away as his mouth moved in to taste her. He parted her thighs and dipped his face into the crack. His tongue lavished attention to her puckered hole as his thick digits dipped into her wetness exciting her even more.

She was mindless to anything but the pleasurable exhilaration he was evoking in her. The tip of his delicious tongue licked her backside, down the crack and even lapped around labia. He was eating her like he hadn’t eaten in days and Dana was enjoying every second of it.

When he stood abruptly, she felt his shaft press again her backside and with all the moistness, he easily slipped the tip of his hardened penis into her ass. Never have experienced this, Dana at first tightened up, but his kisses to her neck and back for some reason instantly relaxed her.

His hand continued to stimulate her clit, while he pressed himself fully inside her. She bit her lip trying not to giggle at his whispered curses of pleasure. The more his hand moved the more stimulated she became and he gyrated his hips thrusting his pole into her tightness. He had begun to sweat. She crooked her head back to enjoy his mouth, tasting her essence on his lips, and entangle her tongue with his.

His fingers titillated her to orgasm at the same time he exploded deep in her ass. She was soundly filled and prayed they had not made enough noise over Denise’s shrieking to be heard.

“You don’t taste like cow.”

She had to cover her mouth to suffice a giggle.

“We’re so fucking bad,” he whispered in her ear with a deep chuckle.

In her mind, she said, ‘Yes, we are. Would it be wrong to ask for more?’

When he dislodged, she faced him and watched as he yanked a shirt off the hook to clean himself before straightening up his clothes.

He leaned in and kissed her softly. She responded tenderly touched by his gentleness.

Taking a deep breath, he said, “I’m not marrying your sister, Dana.”

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  1. one question, what happened to the stain on the bed that dana covered the dress with?

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