Mistaken Identity – Part 1

Part 1

“Lonely Ass Bitch!” shrilled her drunken twin sister, Denise, at least twice last night so everyone could hear at her bachelorette party.

Of course, Dana couldn’t fault her sister for her verbal lashing. For some reason despite Denise’s success in her personal life that Dana could never accomplish, Denise was always venomously jealous of Dana for having a great business life.

Dana had opted to drop out of college in her third year just shy of twenty credits to her bachelors to open up her own medical billing office. Denise had stayed in school, met Jerome Lott who was the all star quarterback from their high school and was going to college and had become second round draft pick for the Detroit Lions.

So Denise was living pretty in her expensive home out in the boondocks of Michigan, while Dana was still living in the two family flat she owned all alone, but making a very darn good living for herself. With her office on the first floor and her own living quarters on the second, she lived quite comfortably – all alone.

Dana was never a good people person. Denise was the star. She flitted around and became popular wherever they went while Dana had a hard time just making eye contact.

So now, she sat in the corner of her sister’s massive master bedroom watching her sister bitch and cry about how hung over she was from last nights party. Her maidens in waiting – mostly sorority sisters – babied her and coddled her.

No one really paid attention to Dana who sat in the corner dress in the ugly lime green dress that the maid of honor was assigned to wear. Dana knew the only reason she had been given the position was because their mother had ordered it.

Denise could care less if her own twin sister was apart of the ceremony or not.

“Fuck it!” Denise screamed. “Get this damn dress off me now!”
Everyone, except Dana all tried to persuade her, but Denise’s shallow mind was made up and she began to almost rip the dress off of her until her best friend came up and unzipped it for her.
Dana bit her lip and watched her sister run out the room angrily in only a camisole bra, panties, and stocking. Denise had always been high strung and most likely would need either a “pick me up,” to get her nerves to calm down or a large gallon of vodka. Either or wouldn’t matter.

Everyone, except Dana, followed her sister out leaving Dana in the room by herself. The ceremony wasn’t due to start for another hour and most likely; Denise was just using the last of her time to cry for the attention she loved to have.

Dana went over to the door and locked it. The ceremony was taking place at the home Jerome had bought for his soon to be wife and the only one with a key would be Denise or Jerome, but he wasn’t even here. He had stayed at the hotel for the past three weeks because Denise wanted to “keep him away” as if they hadn’t been fucking like rabbits for the past five years. But Denise loved to make people think she was always the good girl.

Maybe because Dana had always really been the one. Dana was no virgin, but she had always been selective about who she choose to open her legs to. Many times Denise had tried to get information out of Dana about who was “her first,” but Dana had kept that information to herself. That was none of anyone’s business and if the boy wasn’t talking then neither would Dana.

When she was positive she could hear here sister screaming for attention downstairs, Dana went over to the gorgeous wedding dress and picked it up. Quickly, without another thought, she pulled off her lime green dress and put on her sister’s wedding dress.

She knew she would never had another opportunity like this again and she didn’t want it to pass.
It fit perfectly. Well it should. They were twins and the only thing that separated them was their personalities. For one day, Dana would have loved to become “Denise.” Just take what she wanted, lived like she wanted, acted without rules or morals –

The door opened suddenly and she turned to stare straight into Jerome’s face. He was dressed in his tuxedo and fuck it he didn’t look damn good in it from head to toe. Thick wide shoulders, six feet seven in height, thick powerful thighs, long legs and big feet. He was freshly shaven and shorn. His baldhead glistened and for some reason her fingertips longs to just touch his head.

“Damn! Denise,” he hissed closing and locking the door. “You look gorgeous.”

Before she could admit the truth, he seemed to leap across the massive room in one second and swept her up in his arms. Big powerful arms with large hands that seemed everywhere at once.

His tongue entwined in hers and he tasted like dark chocolate and peppermint.

‘Just for a second, Dana,’ she told herself responding just as passionate as he.

His shaft pressed against her, despite the layers of the dress and she knew that his big feet represented a lot more than just a big man. Instantly, her pussy was wet and she was reminded that she hadn’t had any in a very long time.

He broke the kiss suddenly. “Fuck a wait, D. Ok?”

Every time she was about to protest, his juicy soft lips nibbled, suckled and licked over her own to stop any objection. Soon his tongue was back down her throat and he was removing the dress with a tenderness that amazed her from such a large man. He tossed his jacket to the ground and before she knew it his pants was down on his knees.

‘Two more minutes, Dana,’ she told herself running her hands over this bald scalp loving the feel of it on her palm, then quickly unbuttoning his shirt as he suckled her neck. She would see that come morning, she was sure of it, but damn if she didn’t care and wanted more.

He pushed her bra up and his mouth found a hardened nipple and went to town on it. Suckling it as if milk were bout to burst forth.

‘Shit! Damn!’ her mind cursed, but she only bit her lip to fight the urge to speak not wanting him to hear her voice knowing she would give her identity away.

He carried her to the bed, his mouth still attached to her breast and when her back touched the bed, he was over her continuing his plight down to where her passion was overflowing.
His hands moved between her thighs and one of his thick digits pressed passed her panties and into her heaven.

“Fuck, D. You so wet. You’ve never been this damn wet before.” He chuckled triumphantly as he removed his finger and sucked nosily on it.

She sat up, not wanting him to get a good look at her face, but he wasn’t interested in looking at her face at that moment because his face followed his hands again as he pushed her panties out the way and that fat strapping tongue of his lavish some real special attention that she hadn’t gotten in almost a decade. Oh damn! Oh damn!

When he came up, his deep almond eyes were glistening in passion as his face was covered in her juice. Just as he stood up to climb on the bed, she leaned over and engulf him deep in her mouth.
“Oh f-f-f…” He couldn’t even get the whole curse out and his thighs trembled as she found she was so damn starving for dick, her nose was touching the hairs of his groin. She was swallowing his eight thick inches whole and loving every sweet inch of it.

Jerome shoved her shoulders down on the bed and sumptuously connected his mouth with hers as he drove his shaft deep in her wet cavern to the hilt. He was mindless in pleasure and she met his thrust, bracing for impact, arching her back and scratching his ass for more.

He was growing inside her and she knew he was coming just as she exploded and her inner muscles massaged his thick shaft.

She could feel his come running down her ass as he strained to breath in the crook of her neck.

‘You are so bad,’ she giggled to herself, but quickly stifled it just as he abruptly moved up to look down at her.

He narrowed his eyes and then suddenly frowned. “Dana?”

Mistaken Identity 2005(c) Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. I like the fact that Dana got to feel special if only for a moment. Sounds like she’s missed out on a lot of good loving and could resist the chance to grab a small handful of happiness if only for a moment. Great start to a great novel I’m sure.

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