Silent Lynx


A Heart-Pounding Journey of Love, Fear, and the Power of Unspoken Connection.

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In the Midst of Darkness, an Unexpected Love Blooms Between Captor and Captive.

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Imprisoned in her own home by her secretive father, Tanae’s life takes a dark turn when she’s kidnapped by Lynx, a mute man, and his accomplice Jimmie. Forced into a windowless room, Tanae learns to communicate with her captors through sign language while awaiting her father’s response to their demands. As the plot thickens, Tanae uncovers the truth behind her abduction – Lynx’s desperate need for an operation to regain his voice. Can Tanae trust Lynx and help him retrieve a mysterious box from her father, or is her survival dependent on betraying the only person she’s connected with? Discover the gripping tale of strength, hope, and the complexities of human connection in this heart-pounding thriller.

Trigger warning, Family Secrets, Erotic nature

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