Oct2023 #DayInTheLife #SylLit #WritersLife – Hitting Goals, pumping word counts & setting up promos while off grid

I tried to vlog my literary day but I get so into it that I forget.

But I can get a running list as I do something and decided to share.

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Context: I was out at the camp and it was cold. I didn’t do any walking that day, but I was off my benefit job. I think the outdoors really help me get a lot done. I wasn’t in the writing cave that we built out here because my husband needed it to get a lot of work done so I made sacrifice.

Most times I was sitting in the booth in the RV the majority of the weekend and it was pretty chilly and rainy outside which means it was chilly inside the RV but I had my winter cloak and a foot warmer.

Date of Day in the Life 10.13.2023 – yes, it’s not like right now, but it was a day I wanted to document.

Even though we’re on solar all our devices are low powered, so we conserve so much energy. (We did turn the generator on on Saturday because there was no sun on the 13th or 14th, but we did get some on the 15th, but then it went back to being dreary on the 16th.)

  1. wrote a blog post called How this writer went from spicy to inspirational for a guest article spot to highlight my new release, Eve’s Deception.
  2. scheduled some fb posts and instagram posts.
  3. researched how to create a store on instagram (work in progress) / looking at a lot of youtube videos
  4. listened to an audiobook
  5. look at analytics on website
  6. thought about December promo campaign “7 Days After Christmas”/ just got back cover for one of the freebies and it’s FIRE!
  7. Starting working on the Windfall Brothers Legacy website page on my site. going live this week even though the information is not all there but it will eventually be filled all the way in.

I’d love for you to tell me about your literary day as well.

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