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my mom used to say when you’re feeling bad go help someone who’s feeling worse than you.

I never understood this advice until I was going through some single mom struggles and I helped some single mom writers get their published. At the end of the day when I look back on that time, I don’t look on it as I was going through it, but they were going through it and i was apart of their healing journey and that makes my journey not as bad. I was also able to learn from helping them that crap happens to all of us to knock us down but we have the power and strength to get back up, hit back AND keep going.

I guess this quote got me because I write about love and I know most people are looking for the lovemaking and I do pretty good scenes, but in essence my characters not only loving each other physically but through out the book, weaved into the suspense are two (or three or more) people building up a spiritual and soulful love that this world can never touch.

And I want others to know it exist. I’ve felt it. Swam deep in it’s oceans and reveal in the beauty of love on a different level than physical.
Daddy used to say, don’t let one monkey stop the show. And lastly, Momma said don’t live in the world, but make the world live around you. When it gets bad, get back up, straighten your crown and keep it going Queen and Kings!

Now go read some more of my books! thanks !

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