#SylLit July Newsletter 2023-📝📚💖 Literary WiP update wsg Keta Kendric , featured author.

#SylLit july Author Newsletter 

Author Notes: Delilah’s Desire is Done- finished! I know I’m excited about the completion of another book to add to my growing library

Of course you can check out my catalog and make sure you have all of them


So what am I working on? Essence’s Divinity Part 3.

How’s it going? Just the past week, in one day, I typed over 3000 words. Yes, my fingers hurt and I know my shoulder and wrist are cramped but this feels so good.


It’s beautiful torture because I have so many more stories to bring to life but I need to get this one out.

I want Essence’s Divinity to be done by the end of July, get it to the proof reader by September and then release it January 1st. Look for the pre-order link for the ebook. For members, you’ll get the code to download all the books. You’re welcome!

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Essence’s Divinity is a long list of books that need to be finished.

See my work in progress that I know (or think I know you’re waiting for)


But if there are any on the list, please let me know in the comments of this newsletter ( or reply if you received this on the newsletter.)

Don’t forget we are spilling out Her Substitute Husband… His Boss and then there will be the addendum , followed by Season Five on Kindle Vella.

Which story are you waiting for?

Thank you guys so much for all your support to my literary endeavors! Happy Reading!

Your author, Sylvia Hubbard

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Perhaps her wrong number could make for a right night for him.


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Loving ethnic black African-American young affectionate heterosexual couple

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Check out the featured author‘s book

Our featured author this month is Keta Kendric

About the Author USA Today Bestselling Author, Keta Kendric enjoys writing romances featuring alpha men and strong leading ladies. Her books are edgy, raw, gritty, and some are dark.

Check out her new book Severe and then look at all her other books on Amazon

About Severe

Jade McKenna: Raised by a drug kingpin, you would think that I would be intimately familiar with chaos but the roles in my life were flipped after my father’s death. Boarding school, owning businesses, and mingling with the social elite became my norm.

Until one day, the chaos returned.

Severe, a biker-assassin, showed up out of the blue and snatched me, told me I was coming with him until…Until what? I ended up at Ground Zero, his motorcycle club compound, and had no choice but to figure out how to live among a group of legendary death dealers, biding my time until I could escape or until death. My choices were dismal, but I learned that there were worse things than death, and it’s been lurking over my shoulders my whole life.

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, explicit sexual content, and is intended for adults. This book contains dark themes and may be triggering to some readers. Please be advised.

Dive into this book NOW!

And as always thanks so much for supporting my literary endeavors.

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