sometimes you have to walk away and then come back in order to see the real picture and figure a better way out of the problem. Current WiP: Essence’s Divinity Part 3, plus a freebie

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I walked away from this book a year ago due to stress. There was a lot going on and I had been starting and stopping books for the past three years and I can’t blame the pandemic.

My mother’s death followed by my BFF deaths shortly after really had an effect on me and I don’t think I ever processed missing them. I processed them dying and understanding it was the natural order of things but I never processed how much I missed them in my life and hearing them and being connected to them all the time. My soul was crying and I didn’t know. I had to sit down and finally listen

so i did and i was able to get through writing some more books but I never came bak to this one or the others I’ve not finished.

I decided this year I would try to finish these. I need to. I hate things undone and I hate not being able to complete something I really enjoyed at the moment I was doing it.

But I had to find the joy again and I finally did hit a pinnacle I did enjoy writing. Although it took a moment – a long while but in Chapter 38 of part 3 I found it.

I found the joy and found the reason why Essence had started on this journey initially. I also could hear Osirus and although I hated what he was going to do, I could hear him clear as day.

Will he let her in his selfish heart? Or will he continue to hurt the ones around him to make sure no one will care about him?

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