What I’m working on: Essence’s Divinity Part 3 & My Mid June Literary Wins

I’m so happy about my ability to jump from Delilah’s Desire and return to Essence’s Divinity.

Haven’t started Delilah’s Desire? Oh then you should just jump into it now by going here to this link: https://amzn.to/43RI8eV

All these godlike names are overwhelming and Osirus is just evil. He lives just to piss people off, but I’m starting to really get into him and I think you will be.

I hope you take advantage and read :

Part 1

Part 2

Just like the title states, I’m working on Part 3 which will be…

I want this!

I’m really excited about the book and I have been pumping a lot of word count in there. Last week was 3000 words and then this weekend I did 7900 words.
That’s a pretty decent amount even for me but I need more of course.
Right now it’s running about 80,000.

I hope to get it to 90K because I think… and that’s a big think, it should be finished.

Goal? First week in July I’m saying the end.

Stay tune and I’ll let you know.

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