Anthology Submission Coming Soon! Fall of 2023 and I’m apart of it! Subscribe for updates

I’ve been apart of the EyeCU Reading & Chatting FB bookclub for a while and have done some Friday Reading lineups with them.

One of my submissions is Cross Her Heart, Hope He Dies

This Fall I’m working with other authors to be apart of the EyeCU Reading & Chatting FB bookclub 2023 Anthology. We took the themes we had and then made a story from that or elogated the story we had.

I took a new “office theme” story with a twist

In this one, I borrowed Richard Sanchez, the brother of the duke, Devlin Sanchez from Tanner’s Devil and put him in a story.

I can’t wait for you to read it, but if you just want to peruse Tanner’s Devil now, please go ahead.

For now the temporary name of the story is NSFW and dealing with Richard, it truly wasn’t.

Make sure you support these other authors including in the anthology.

I’m really excited about you reading my new literary endeavor!

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